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Queen Kattarina

CR 13

Female Wild Elf aristocrat 4/ ranger 10
LN Medium humanoid (elf)
Init/Senses +10/low-light vision; Listen +3, Spot +3
Languages Common, Elf
AC 21, touch 16, flat-footed 15
(+6 Dex, +4 armor, +1 shield)
hp 110 (14 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +11/+14/+8; +2 against enchantments
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee +2 rapier +23/+18/+13 (1d6+4/18–20) or
Melee Full Atk. +2 rapier +21/+16/+11 (1d6+4/18–20) short sword +21/+16 (1d6+1/19–20)
Base Atk/Grp +13/+8/+3/+15
Atk Options +6 dmg against fey, +2 dmg against humans, +2 dmg against goblinoids
Abilities Str 15, Dex 22, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 18
Feats Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus (rapier), Quick Draw, Weapon Finesse, Two-Weapon Defense, Ranger Two-Weapon Track
Skills Diplomacy +24, Handle Animal +17, Knowledge(history) +17, Listen +3, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +17, Tumble +14, Use Magic Device +6
Possessions +2 leather armor, +2 rapier, short sword, 25 gp

Other NPC Information[edit]

Queen Kattarina rules the elves with flair and grace but does not suffer lawbreakers. Any who are proven to have broken a law are charged to a duel by the queen in a circle where you can't be brought below −9 hitpoints. If you are defeated, you are banned from elven lands for 50 years. If you win, the ban is only for 3 years.

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