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NPCs CR 13

NPCs without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Race Levels Description
"Doc" Sy Monsoon Halfling L5 Ranger, L8 Arc Lord Sy Monsoon was a junior officer aboard the Delerious Gopher, until an accidental discharge of electricity from the engines almost killed him. After his recovery, he continued to feel a "tingling" sensation for years, but tried to work past it rather than embrace & explore it until he met an elderly Arc Lord by the name of Jonas. After witnessing what the old man could do, Sy refocussed his efforts & found that he could store & manipulate electrical energy within him & release it in controlled ways to devastating effect. A new Arc Lord was born.
Alden the Avenging Barbarian
Briar Moss Daemon Rogue 6 A Wandering Daemon, searching for others of his illusive race.
Duck McGraw Human Ranger 6 / Stormbow 7 A ranger who's learnt how to control the entire battlefield with his mighty weapon.
Ilighiera Ligriv Catfolk Bard 6 PLEASE EDIT AND ADD A DESCRIPTION
Jakeel von Vanderstruck III Human Death Knight 13 A powerful Death Knight, unwillingly sworn into service
Jaz the Crippled drow rogue 4/sorcerer 6/arcane trickster 2 The leader of a band of Vhaeraun-worshiping drow.
Jolner, the Tainted Human Cleric 13 PLEASE EDIT AND ADD A DESCRIPTION
Khoran the Wise Human Order Master 13 Khoran is an elderly human who has devoted much of his life to studying how and why Lawful forces exist in the universe. He is renowned for his success in such pursuits as well as his considerable ability to use them when necessary.
Lady Eleanor Brightfire Human Knight 13 A righteous but somewhat impetuous knight who answers any insult with a formal challenge.
Melissa Travoris Gray Elf Wizard 5 / Artificer 8 A wizard who uses the practicality of creating her own magic items.
Queen Kattarina Wild Elf Aristocrat 4/ Fighter 10 Queen of the Elves.
Sister Cheryll Human Wizard 13 A portly alchemist who talks kindly and behaves fiendishly.
Sylvia Linth Grey Elf Cleric 7, Baron of the Grave 6. A woman sits there in the dark, holding her head high as her hand rests up the arm of the golden throne.
Tanya catfolk sorcerer 6/barbarian 1/rage mage 6 Ranger under command of Kuvaroi.
Whestle Farlo Human Conjurer 6 Weathercaster 7 Sample Weathercaster NPC.
Zilinos, Butcher of the Bleeding City

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