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Acceleration Ring Issue[edit]

my devious player that enjoys breaking my games may have found an issue in wording or design of the jutsu. First, a character at 13th level has a proficiency bonus of +5. A character with a 20 in INT (+5 modifier) can create 5 of these cubes. With that being said, 5 cubes plus INT modifier (5) equals 10 total damage that can be split up amongst multiple targets, but assuming one target its just the 10. that's not an issue. the last sentence of this stating "This jutsu counts as a single attack for the sake of the Extra Attack feature." means a creature could use this a number of times equal to the number of attacks they can make which at 13th level is 3 attacks. so 30 total damage to hit enemies that could substitute out of one. the big issue comes with Acceleration Ring. When AR (acceleration ring) is used as a reaction, you gain a number of temp HP equal to the damage of AC (Acceleration Cube) which comes out to 10 HP. when spending the 6 additional chakra you may increase the initial number (which is 10) a number of times equal to the number of attacks you can make on a single action. with 3 total attacks, that brings to 40 total temporary hit points. now the biggest issue with this jutsu. "As an action while concentrating on this jutsu, you may cast Acceleration Cube without spending chakra, dealing an amount of damage equal to the remaining temporary hit points granted by this jutsu." with this wording, a 13th level character who spent the 6 additional chakra to gain the 40 temp HP can use AC for free as an action, and deal 1 to 39 damage for three attacks for 3 to 117 damage with a range of 60ft. that would all be in a single turn, at no chakra cost, for one action. at most a creature is spending 12 chakra to deal nearly 10 times as much damage. ~CleverNot 20:44, 10 July 2023 (EST)

The intent is that AR's free AC cast only deals its damage once, since thematically you are using the ring's cubes instead of making more. This should be clearly stated now.--Ref3rence (talk) 21:36, 10 July 2023 (MDT)

I'm A bit confused by Murderous Grasp. The jutsu only increases the reach by +5 and the expenditure states= Cost: 2+ chakra. What does pumping more Chakra do to the jutsu? Increase the range? Mulan316 (talk) 14:07, 27 September 2023 (MDT)

What does the Wire Cage do to the incoming damage as a reaction? Nothing? Negate it all together?

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