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Are the current features finished and ready for feedback? Marasmusine (talk) 09:53, 7 April 2016 (MDT)

Current Features are complete. I need to add in the Warrior's Path Fenrir, and some more features for the main class. Stalin_Duck (talk) 01:17:15, 7 April 2016 (EST)

All features and stuff are completed. I am waiting for a review. Could do with a better short summary though. Stalin Duck (talk) 20:28, 7 April 2016 (EST)

It looks like actual mechanics still need implementing. Do you have the rulebooks handy? Marasmusine (talk) 11:59, 8 April 2016 (MDT)
Unfortunately I have no rulebooks at my disposal. Stalin_Duck (talk) 20:17, 8 April 2016 (EST)
That might make it difficult for you to make this usable. All the class features are descriptive but do not use the 5e D&D rules. I do offer my services for rewrites, I can make this usable, but it is time-consuming and I ask for a small donation (see my user page). Marasmusine (talk) 03:51, 9 April 2016 (MDT)

I like this class, to a point. It...unnerves me, because I am part German and Native. I know how all those various Vikings were, it runs in my blood. I hate it...Yet I see this is well thought out and seems like, IF I was more...something I would play this sort of class. I do have a Scion Character that would fit wonderfully here...I could play it that way. People have stated that character is iconic...for that group anyway. I hope you get what your needing, and soon. 3/5...not bad. G of TierArea (talk) 17:59, 25 April 2016 (MDT)
Thanks I am not German, I am actually more Celtic. I just really like vikings and stuff. I tried to stick to mythology and stuff thanks for the support. Stalin_Duck (talk) 10::51, 26 April 2016 (EST)


How about making the Nordic warrior into an archetypes of the barbarian? At the very least, make it into a background. -- 13:25, 23 November 2018 (MST)

Cold Home[edit]

For cold home, the description is kind of confusing. Do you mean to say "crossing mountainous terrain costs you no extra movement", or is that part supposed to be part of the introduction to the skill? I ask, because then at level 2, with the strong bonds feature, you seems to give nordic warriors that ability. If you only get it at level 2, then I think you should remove the portion about terrain in the cold home feature, as it can lead to confusion. Coaldstone (talk) 11:21, 1 December 2018 (MST)

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