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Balance changes[edit]

I see that someone's put on my page that i need to rework the mechanics and lore to fit my race into D&D. Personally i'm very flexible on the lore, i just drew from the media that this was based off of for inspiration. I also understand that my grammar isn't the best, i don't have any gripe if someone wants to go ahead and clean that up.

My problem is the mechanics change. The tag at top said that this is more powerful than any base race, but i personally dont see why. I'm following Marasmusine's grading metric on the race design page, which says a score of 4-6 is balanced. Here's how it adds up (for me):

Base race -

Darkvision is worth 1 point

Resistence to Radiant damage is 0.5

The ASI plus the mandatory subrace is +2 and +1, which isn't worth any points

Base score: 1.5


Base race of 1.5

Add 2 points from proficiency in Nature and Animal Handling

The Combat Training trait doesn't have a defined score, as i believe it is unique to this race. Since its only one maneuver usable twice per long rest, i'm giving it an arbitrary score of 1, though it could be higher.

Trikru score: 4.5, possibly 5 or 5.5 depending on the power of combat training, but within the 4-6 range


Base race: 1.5

Tool kits are .5 points each, so add 1.5 total

Add 1 for Investigation proficiency

The other half of the Investigator trait is a niche use of a skill, which is listed as .5 (Investigation can be used to ask around for rumors or search a library, so i believe the use is narrow enough.)

Skaikru score: 4.5, possibly 5 if the second half of the Investigator trait is powerful enough, but still in the 4-6 range


Base race: 1.5

Spellcasting progression is worth 2 (Arguably worth more since both of the spells are 3rd level, but it is balanced somewhat by getting the spells at later levels)

Nets are a weapon proficiency, which is .5

Water vehicles i consider roughly equal in balance to a tool proficiency, so .5

Flowkru score: 4.5, possibly 5 or 5.5 depending on the power of the spells, but still within the 4-6 range

Does anyone have any corrections or criticisms? I honestly dont see how my race is more powerful than any core race like the header says.

Main issues is that you pretty much give a special class feature as a trait. Also races don't go over 7th level when it comes to traits unless it's just damage dice increases. Seeing as this has been left unchanged for about a year, I think I will edit some of the problematic parts as per the tags.--Yanied (talk) 21:37, 20 October 2019 (MDT)

Came back to this about a year late to see your revision. Thanks for cleaning it up a bit for me!

No problem, it is a neat story--Yanied (talk) 10:32, 29 September 2020 (MDT)
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