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Hello! As always I really Apreciate feedback and help; But I would like to ask for anyone seeking to edit this page to avoid balancing until the entire thing is done and I have gattered my mind about all the mechanics; you can still correct my many and probably obvious gramatic mistakes and any kind of Formatting/Linking things I have forgotten About If you wish to add some feedback, Please feel free to Create another discussion box and show me what you think! --Davigotero (talk) 19:45, 19 August 2021 (MDT)

Feedback is now OPEN![edit]

Finally, after procrastinating as hell, the class is done. It is now open for feedback (Please create another section on the discussion page) If it is spacing, Formatting or english problems, please feel free to change without asking, but if it is balancing or an idea, please add it in discussions before so we can have a chat! --Davigotero (talk) 08:02, 25 August 2021 (MDT)

Overal, the general stuff ain't too bad, but I've got a few concerns.
  • There's a few format blunders, but those are kinda minor and can just get fixed.
  • The way Arms and Weapons on the mech are handled seem to disallow the use of two handed weapons or shields. Personally, I'd prefer a system that allows you to mount up to two weapons and a shield over the course of a short rest. Probably still granting light, but not versatile. Allows more builds
  • Armament Assembly feels kinda weird. The ammo specifics could be put together a lot better, giving specific uses instead of one per die, and the fact you could just mount normal ranged weapons to your mech seems to overshadow mounting the super special ranged weapons. Though, I can see the point and where it came from. Just a personal qualm.
  • There are some dead levels but they seem to be getting filled.
  • The subclasses feel hardly differentiated, besides damage type and a few small bonuses. Missiles, damage bonus, cone damage, die size, explosion.
Still work to be done, but the foundation is solid. --SwankyPants (talk) 11:55, 25 August 2021 (MDT)

  • Hey thanks for all the ideas, so let me try to give a brief idea of all of that.
  • Im sorry for the format blunders, still new and english ain't my first language.
  • Two-Handed weapons can be used by the Force Subclass, and I forgot to specify, You can use shields and and weapons still maintain the light tag, just not versatile.
  • Im changing the ammo system to uses instead of ammo, and you cannot add normal ranged weapons, it says you may add Melee Weapons, not ranged, my idea was of adding some different styles of weapons to the table to make this more unique, Wanted the mech to feel like one, not a mannequin that holds a big version of a hand crossbow.
  • I think i filled all of the dead levels, if i missed one please specify.
  • The subclasses weren't really tought out to be super differentiated, I wanted it to be really customizable, and the MODs serve the purpose of "Subclassing" but without the "I like some features but hate the rest" part, giving you the options to choose upgrades that fit better with what you are having, the elemental subclasses simple was a way of adding some extra options but without melting the players mind with options.

Thanks for everything, ill start adding the missing info. --Davigotero (talk) 16:54, 28 August 2021 (MDT)

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