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Howdy, im Davigotero, An entity with a bit too much puns under my sleeve and a gigantic ammount of ideas im too dumb to put in paper.

These are some of my proud creations

Leviathan(5e Race); Underwater Horrors who wished to experience life out of the water.

Mech Pilot, Variant (5e Class); A skilled combatant and his trusty Construct Friend.

Seafallen (5e Race); Those who lived from the sea, died to it, and now are bound to the depths.

Chained Anchor (5e Equipment); A giant anchor equiped bound to a chain, a exotic weapon, but effective nonetheless.

Masked Hunter (5e Class); Misterious Folk that work together with The Entities, Inducing Madness and not forgeting a target.

Flame Mace (5e Equipment); A refined weapon, dedicated to a heating coil with a 4-hit burst mechanic.

Animated Armor (5e Class); Armors imbued with soul looking to finally enjoy the life they never had, for good or worse.

Siege Mace (5e Equipment); Giant two-handed mace, used for smashing flesh and brick at with the same cruel efficiency.

Work In Progress

Coming Soon

A Blade Master 4 different Melee Weapons and unique melee weapons, trading Subclasses for comboing skills from different blades. Inspired by Daemonstar's warframe concept AZURA

A Temporal Fighter, focused on hit-and-run tatics, buffing and debuffing together wil AOE skills with a new look then most "Temporal Guardian" Classes

W.I.P Additions to Pre-existing Content

New Subclasses for The Masked Hunter

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