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  • Four skill proficiencies?!
  • "Combat advantage" isn't defined. "Allies" isn't defined. "End of the encounter" isn't defined. Maybe this means "Creatures you choose in the aura have advantage on attack rolls, and attack rolls against those creatures can never benefit from advantage. The aura lasts for 1 minute."
  • Moon-Mad. Will this occur that often? Firstly, it's got to be a full moon (let's be generous and say a day either side of the full moon too), that's 10% of the time. You've got to be directly in its light: let's say half of adventures are indoors or underground (5%). You have to pass a DC 10 Wisdom check, so this is 2.25% (average dude) to 0.625% (druid or other Wis class). In an adventuring year we can (conservatively) expect a low-Wis character to be effected 9 times, and a high-Wis character 2 times.
  • Cure. I can spend some downtime preparing cures. I need to pass a DC 15 Nature check. I am proficient, so even with a modest Wis score this happens half the time. It doesn't say how long this takes, but lets be super-conservative and say it takes a whole day (rolling in the 3 hours for preparing the potion). I just need to spend one to two weeks downtime (which can be spread out throughout the whole year) to have enough cures to deal with any moon-madness throughout the year. Now, forested areas might not be available in, say, the underdark, but then I wouldn't be at risk from the madness anyway.
  • In conclusion, the above two traits seem like a lot of unnecessary busywork.
  • Essence of the Lupine. This is a tour-de-force on what a 5e trait shouldn't look like.
    • Is this an action? bonus action? reaction?
    • "Use for a short time" - how short?
    • "Four times a day or twice in battle" - which is it? "Battle" isn't a defined duration. "Four times a day" should be "You can use this four times, then must finish a long rest" (or words to that effect).
    • "become angered" - is that descriptive or is it supposed to be a condition?
    • "gain +2 Strength" - 5e does not have temporary ability score improvements (see how the enhance ability spell works compared to 3.5e)
    • "for every 3 inches you grow" - You've already set the "full height" to "nine inches" (I assume that means you gain 9 inches and not that you shrink to nine inches") so this is a weird phrase - why not say +6 Strength in the first place?
    • "or a +3 to your strength mod" - makes no sense at all. That's the same thing as +6 Strength, they are not independent statistics.
    • "Both you and your opponent or who you are intimidating" - What opponent? Was this supposed to be done when you intimidate someone? How far away?
    • "must role an intimidation check." - So this is an opposed Intimidation check? What if they are a grey ooze, or a skeleton, or a swarm of bees?
    • "Your opponent must beat both of your intimidation checks" - what do you mean both of my checks?
    • "they become intimidated" - and what does this do?
    • "for 2 rounds." - Effects either last for 1 round, or 1 minute (usually repeating a saving throw to shake it off, but this doesn't use a saving throw [even though it should]) Marasmusine (talk) 03:47, 4 May 2016 (MDT)

"Things that make you go Hmmmmm?"McAlester Gamerz Customer (talk) 08:49, 4 May 2016 (MDT) (Thats a lot to consider.)

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