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Welcome to my page. I am a local player looking for legitimately approved content. If you think your work is legitimate and passes the scrutiny of the requirements i will be posting it here for our local players to use.

I look forward to see your work published here and see players use my page and your work for their games.

Growing Resentment-DONE[edit]

I and others here have tried to make things better...only to get ignored, ridiculed or harassed, in SOME cases respectively.

I personally asked for help, and it cant be that EVERYONE is gone from this site all at once, for a week at a time? Its illogical.

With all that is going on in life, these sort of happenings, are too discouraging for others. Thats why people quit showing up or working on things. At least in part.

Yeah I am done. I am too old and tired to put up with this BS anymore. Its too much like harassment when i want things a certain way, and trying my best for others and NO-ONE listens. I got better things in life to contend with. McAlester Gamerz Customer (talk) 07:01, 30 May 2016 (MDT)

Some of you i really liked, while some, i would rather beat the stink out of just on principle alone.

Me As a Race/Class, Transparency[edit]

For anyone who is up to the challenge, lets see if you can make a legit character, with race and class based on me. I will try to keep things in chronological order and i dont know if they would be inherited traits or learned traits, i have no clue to some of them, because it borders on both.

  • 1-3yo I noticed i could understand what people meant, even if i could not tell them. I knew what they wanted in their hearts...Most mean people...was just really hurt and needing love...very few were dark and souless.

I noticed i could see really good at night and could not understand why people bumped into things...i barely understand that now.

  • 4yo I learned to read, and i could read anything you put before me. I understood most, i kept reading what i did not and eventually got it. I noticed i could see REALLY FAR. Was tested and had 5/5 vision. I could spot a a McDonalds miles away...I also noticed that every sense seemed very sharp. My grandmother thought i would be lieing and would almost punish me time and time again when i smelt or heard something not right or when i smelled food even when the restaurant still was not even in sight yet. My family eventually believed me, and relied on me when we went places. I could tell if there was something wrong with the Elcamino if it smelled 'hot' or something else.
  • 3-5ish I noticed plants and animals seemed to not bother me when so many others said certain things hurt them. They didn't hurt me, and in some cases, they even helped me. Wild or otherwise. I could pick up emotions and impressions left on things sometimes....i also started having dreams....really scary and traumatic dreams, accompanied with headaches and light sensitivity. ALLOT of those dreams came true...and they still do...some...are not yet...and some i was able to avoid...some i cause, by being stupid and forgetful.

For a while i was very strong, i could pick up concrete blocks with one pinky...I almost got grandmas switch on my legs for that too till i showed of those moments she was quiet. I could see she was proud and in shock at the same time.

I got in trouble for accidentally breaking things, They thought i was doing it on purpose...i DID get the switch for that...I did know that stuff was created out of such weak material. I eventually got weaker as i learned how to handle the weaker material, most of the time.

  • 5-16ish I did really well in school, skipped grades, never really studied as much as others, did homework in class and had it finished before i left, not all the time...ya know... blah blah....I noticed i could move my body ALMOST, as fast as i could think. It burned...but it was like spider sense tingling. I avoided bullies allot that way, it would spook them out. If i was focused on school work, i was oblivious. I did notice i healed quicker than most...they called me a witch...and would hurt me just to see me heal up in about 24 hours for the major stuff...I couldnt prove to people that there was bullying unless they gave me black eyes and busted lips. So sometimes i had to let it happen and not dodge...I also noticed that the bullies heart would speak louder during the bullying almost to an esp level...and used that against a bully once...I told the crowed about him and his father and the sexual abuse....i broke the boy with my words...he was never the same since....I thought i was proud of myself, only for a moment....until i could feel how far i broke him...that was the last time i did that...I still heal physically somewhat fast...just not AS fast. I also noticed when i would run in the woods at night, i could see like a blue ring or outline around things...looked it up later in life, and found out scientifically that my eyes could see a spectrum that some night vision goggles use, and more importantly, i wasnt the only one out there like me....then i started doing research....on everything.

I used to meditate instead of sleeping and found that it works BETTER than sleeping once you get it figured out...It works better for a while. You can get your rest quicker...however your mind needs to have time to dream in certain ways with out you being totally aware. It needs that time for balance.

I have always been a dreamer and i guess traveled in my sleep. I have even met, on occasion, some people i dreamed about and we start talking like we have known each other for years. Until they realize...that it came from a dream that i told them that they would remember when they saw me...they then become speechless, happy and refreshed in a way....yet speechless. I say dont worry about it, you know me. Just have a good day and take care of you and yours. They smile and walk off pondering....I have learned not to share my 'name'...cause if i tell people too much, they become too dependent and wont make their own dam decisions, and ask me about everything. Thats why i dont believe in psycis on the phone and tv and crap...cause if they were, they would never get any peace and quiet. The real ones are those who are in nature, unseen...

I didnt have allot of endurance, physically, but i had a hell of a lot of unbeatable determination. I was VERY flexible and still VERY flexible...and thats one of the reasons why i hurt all the time i found out. My nerves are hyper sensitive, great for awareness and healing...not so good on pain i get hurt i kinda learn that i have to go berserkoids or something to survive. Sometimes i kinda blank out, and then i hold nothing back...when too much bulling anyway. Well i have, i try to not let that happen...i scare too many people....I dont mean too...i just dont want to be hurt.

Just before i ran away to my, or rather my attempt, to my uncles house, i learned i was VERY in tune with nature and things spiritual...i was very honest and open about things, i didnt want to be like everyone else, and lie. I found it scared people and made them look to deep inside their own failures and weakness...thats not what i meant....

I learned if i could stay in the woods, i could keep my endurance better. I learned i could track better than most people...between tracking by smell or seeing far away...or hearing distictive sounds and being able to tell them apart...i was dam good. I learned i could tell what most plants were good to use or bad to use and some minor generic information about them with out....ever studying. I learned i cant fish with a pole to save my life...but give me a spear or let me catch them with my hands was much faster for me. LOL

I also learned i had a photographic memory with faces, conversations, smells, colors and other oddball things.

I also learned that there wasnt much i couldnt figure out even as a toddler. I even helped fix my parants car...i could tell by the way it sounded and smelled...I also prayed about it....i got an answer too. I almost got my butt beat from that too, cause they thought i was lieing....i guess people never learn...I do cause i dont like to make things hard or take the hard road...i learn, sometimes. LOL Now that i a older i know it was the distributor cap and the wires to the ignition.

I was tested when i was four, and had a plan via the guy that visited us to go to some fancy college when i was about middle school age. My father being the drunk he was....moved us away and thought the guy was lieing...because it made my father feel so inferior and stupid...he was also afraid of loosing his only son...i remember feeling that from i never blamed regret his foolishness.

15-18ish...bad things happened...i could only survive...I learned i could play music by ear...i learned i could come up with my own music and it was good for not being able to read music. I learned that i could make people happy and do things by setting up chain of events...but didnt like that because thats like lieing even if i never had to lie. it was too manipulative. So i only did that once or twice. I liked making people happy, and making them shine from with in make someone smile, laugh or cry in a good way that they havent in years...made their soul shine...i liked that shine...i liked them happy...their soul made good music when they were happy. Sounds juvenile, however i am sorta in kid mode being honest and open. I noticed i can smell the difference in women, like textures and flavors...and some made me...very hungry...passionately...and i could tell if they were on their period before they knew it, by 3-7 hours. I also learned the smell of cancers, different cancers smelled different, different diseases smelled different, some worse than others...

18-28 I became anti social because i could not block out everything i was taking in from people...all the nastiness...I stayed in the woods, and i found out i was hella good with firearms and with a bow and even when throwing unconventional sharp objects, staff, axe and even a blowgun. I didnt like killing animals, regardless of others...i could feel them too...they were nice to me out in the woods...they never hurt fact some tried to help me even...and some i guess thought i was their kid... not going to give details on that...LOL i loved to read and research everything to the beginning of the source and to the very end of the thing i was working on. I learned ALLOT. On a bike with the wind blowing around me i could peddle for an average of 11-18 hours a day. I just went around helping people when i could or ridding far and wide as i could go. I could pray for rain, and rain would come...even in the drought that texes had many years ago when we went through on a mission trip to new mexico for the Navajo. They called me Lizard...because i could climb a mesa like a lizard faster than a man could run up its path...barely, but i did it. On the way back through texas, i found out that it needed it...To this day I occasionally get people coming up to me and telling me to stop praying for rain. I love the doesnt bother me...water is life.

28+ Joined the military and liked working hard. Loved my job. I found out, i was a tough little man. I was tougher than the big people that joined and most of us small people were, women and men alike. I was the first one through the pitch black maze of gunfire, bobwire and sharp jagged stones. I was so quick that i thought i was left behind or took a wrong turn. I got everyone out, and even had to carry one of the big dudes on my hands and knees through a very small opening on those rocks...i thrived in those didnt faze me one was like i was called to do just that. hurt like hell but i was better than anyone else. For being in the shadows i sure as hell shined that day. Still, i made a better strategist, encourage and such than i did a fighter...or so i thought...until...well one dude kept running his mouth so i picked up the nearest 9 inch object and hit him with it 27 times before he could finish 'what are you doing'...i kinda blanked out...i hit him on both sides of his neck, under each arm, on the inside of each elbow, under each wrist, at each artery at each of the groin, behind each knee, at each Achilles heal, a few times on the stomach/chest and once at across the base of the skull. Never got disciplined for that...not sure this day i dont know how the hell....most i could do after that day was were near 27...I kept what remained of his suit and practiced for a year and my best was 15...maybe i was TOO conscious?...i did enjoy being able to track and be aware of my surroundings just by smell alone...i couldnt be was awesome. I did love the smell of some women...I sure made the guys laugh...specially when they knew some of them and i guess i was right...LOL. The guys didnt smell any better sometimes lol.

I ended up getting hurt because people...just didnt care once i got a transfer. I dealt with it for about 11 months...until i could not stop the black outs...shattered my right hand putting a dent in a quarter inch? of steel...Meh, still messed up to this day. Got out Honorable discharge married, to the wrong person...learn from me....dont be unequally yolked. Tried to save her grandmothers house, ended up with a VERY BAD double concussion...lost half of everything i knew that day...vocabulary was crap...i knew what i wanted to say...but no longer had ways to talk like i used to. Even my eyes got damaged...raw friggin deal and no one cared...i should have let the tree destroy the house...Now i am like most of everyone else, and it what i have 10/20 vision (worse now) i feel blind as hell. My ears ring now, and the only thing that still works is my nose...great... i live in a city full of selfish, destructive, dirt bags, and i try hard not to be one or pick up bad habits (and yes i am being nice about it)....So i pray for rain, and that's How God tells me he loves me.

Oh yeah that woman i was married to, we had 2 wonderful kids...she pushed me too far and would undermind, lied to me nearly every chance she got. One day we lost both the kids on the same day...I wish i would have died that day. We divorced each other soon after. It wasnt the lack of love on my part...i loved her and hated her at the same drove me literally crazy...i had to go before i killed her, or lost my mind or something...

So lets see if anyone could make a Race/Class based on the abilities mentioned. Somethings i can still so...sort of. I didnt know so much relied on you ability to pick out so many details. Muscle coordination and everything.

Now i am old, over weight and hurting most of the time. Dont include that part, we already know were that ends up. LOL I am looking for a nostalgic character...its kinda a bucket list kind of see one...would be nice.

I usually end up playing; Archers (Which i make arrows for that make it seem i am too well equipped.) I play smart. I will find advantage anywhere i can. OR i play a druid, for all the obvious reasons. Occasionally I play monks, again for the obvious reasons. I can play a cleric well too, except, my clerics cant stand mages and rouges...LOL or other unlawful unGodly characters. LOL

This has been my dissertation. I choose to live transparent.

So lets see what happens.

Tristen's Picks[edit]

(Yes Tristen you can feel fee to edit this page to add Race and Classes acceptable to your game for easy reference. Or just list the first 3 letters of a race or class and i will link them here.)

How to Tell if a; Race or Class is Legitimate Enough for Standard Play[edit]

When i figure it out i will post it here.

Race: "Races could have two major traits and one minor trait, or one major trait and three minor traits, or thereabouts."

Minor Traits Examples:

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