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I am going to do my best to make this 'quest' adaptable for various levels. This is a freebie i am giving that i am making on the fly. I might not get it right the first, second or even 5th time. Keep on mind i am soon to take a long trip, and i will be gone fro more than a week i anticipate. So none of my pages should be considered abandoned unless 3 months pass, In which case...i might be dead. LOL its possible.

Chapter One[edit]

The Inn[edit]


History And Lore

If players inquire they will learn this is a town with in a few miles of the sea, that sits on the hilly landscape in a temperate zone. The town sits lower, much lower than the Inn on the hill and its structures is comprised mostly of unhewn stonework mortared together about 1d10 x100 (300-1000)years ago. The town is semi picturesque with winding roads and walls. They fell the trees and made frames and all sorts of trade goods till none remain and the luscious swamps that were there, not even a trace remains. The town functions now as a farm town and supplied by trade and an out post. There are some coal burning warehouses that run almost 24 hours a day as of recently for smelting and smithing. There is such an influx of coal recently that they even took to burning some of it in lamps and street corners in a continual fire to warm and light the streets in the late evenings.

Jack "The Axe" Blue Smith was the first to settle into the area and built his first dwelling near the swamp to catch anything he could eat. He would try to eat any critter he could get his mouth on. He met his wife while she visited from over seas, who was later nicknamed "Patty the Patronizer" for the self righteous comments she made about everyone including "The Axe". Patty was the lazy sort that thinks her ways are right and cant see beyond her nose. She only seemed to want to get involved when there was a fight to be had and she would gain something from it. This gave her the included nickname Patty "The Patronizer" Red Smith, similar to her husband. Jack laughed most of it off and began a logging company. The town grew, however the self entitled, narrow and short sited attitude spread to the visitors and other new coming citizens alike. This was no way to start a town, however it grew nevertheless. They had many 'privileged' children who were no better than themselves, and in most cases worse and even took to terrorizing the local populous at night sporting their white outfits only slightly whiter than their pail skin. They too got nicknames, 'The Whites' and in some cases, Wights, as in undead demons spirits. They raped, murdered and stole and the town didn't do much but found ways to legalize ways to swindle adventures, travelers and even each other via long contracts and foolish complicated laws. You would think after the founding family died the town would be grateful and revert to something more wholesome...however that never happened and now they are celebrated as founding family with rock faces carved in their 'honor'. So far no one has the guts to stand up to anyone in this small very young town, not anymore anyway.

Despite all this, there are a handful of people who try to do better, however they too are becoming more tainted through grief unending, and often to protect themselves, they too play the fool.

It has been recently revealed that Jack 'The Axe', laid waste to the elves and other Natives, that lived in the wood and swamps where the town now resides. Most were slaughtered by Jack and his imported army, some fled and some were sold into slavery. Promises broken, so many lies so much waste.

The Delugetional (Delusional)

There are a few 'noble' considered families and merchants who are held up on their upper floors during this rain. They have been dealing with rising waters for many years and have became accustomed to the rains that come and they move their goods to the upper most floors during this time of year...however the civilians with structures less than 2 stories... have realized this is not they have abandoned their homes as a few inches of water now covers their second floor, and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. So many of the residence think they are entitled to what ever they can take from the land and now the flooding is just one consequence. They are starting to show signs of coal poisoning, and cancers.

The Crowd that comes in is varied and the following chart i hope helps. You obviously roll to see how many and what the crowd consist of.

  • 1. A local old male human farmer with his prized 1)Chicken, 2)Sheep, 3)Goat, 4)Piglet
  • 2. A local middle aged male human farmer, alone.
  • 3. A local young male human poor merchant with a few of his favorite things.
  • 4. A local middle aged male human hunter with his dog.
  • 5. A local male human child street urchin.
  • 6. A local female human child street urchin.
  • 7. A local middle aged female human Woman with one toddler.
  • 8. A local young male human farmer with his prized 1)Chicken, 2)Sheep, 3)Goat, 4)Piglet
  • 9. A local young male human farmer, alone.
  • 10. A local young male human hunter, with his dog.
  • 11. A local young male human bard.
  • 12. (Special)


Most of these have arrived under their own power and not boated to the Inn. Play it as you will.

  • 1. Rouge level 1d8, Chaotic Neutral Evil Female...race/class disguised. Will play as a bard or some sort of non sexual entertainer. 2% per level of rouge to be carrying a rare magic item.
  • 2. Bard Level 1d8, Chaotic Neutral Male Human.
  • 3. Fighter/Town Guard level 1d10, Lawful Neutral Good Male Human.
  • 4. Sage level 1d8, Neutral Evil Human...Actual casting class disguised. Will be mistaken as a healer and often put to work and ridiculed for being stuck out in the rain like the rest of the 'dummys'. 2% per level to be carrying 1d4 common magical items, consumable or otherwise.
  • 5. Ranger Level 1d10, Neutral Good Male Elf. He is looking for something, or someone. 2% per level to carrying a strange map, and the same chances for carrying a key also.
  • 6. Rouge, level 1d10, Chaotic Neutral Male Halfling...knowing there is loot to be had...2% per level of halfling to be carrying a rare magic item.

End Up & Alone[edit]

(Since nothing is here to work with i will do the best that i can, after i get some input. There will be dungeons, there will be dragons, and there will be scantly clad natives! LOL I was going to add this to campaign thing but i dont know how to do that just yet so we will start off simple.)

"Alone...dark...It had been raining for days, an endless torrential downpour. The smell of wet mud is profuse and only smothered out by the stink of wet wood trying to smolder to a flicker, near uselessly in the fire. It had been as night for several days and even the most hearty of warrior has tooken to reflection."

(Camera fades open horizontally to a heavily clad bearded warrior swirling his mead in his mug and ignoring the solid pats and praises on his back by passer by's.)

Alone...amidst the many people who come and go dragging the dank wet mud in with them. The smell of wet leather has long since ceased after the first day of rain. Now only slime and mud resides.

(the camera still, unflinching, unmoving, as this warrior wrinkles his nose at the smell of stank men, mud and dog, as mud and slime gets slung everywhere, even into his own cup. As he quickly finishes it before any more mud gets slung into it.)

Dark...admittinglly all your adventures up to now...had been dark as this rain. Near pointless as the continual bombardment of this rain. You adventures have been pointless and ceaseless up to this point. This endless rain is enough to drive anyone mad...except for him...

(Camera now Zooms in for a moment, to catch the moment where the warrior creates a micro expression of such hatred for someone...then chuckles and smiles...reflecting...standing and walking upstairs to the nearest cot. As the camera refocuses on a certain fellow)

There is a lightly covered fellow in light tan leather who seems to enjoy his moments in this down pour. His leather is the lightest of the room and least covered in mud. Pulling back his hood it is another bearded man, this one in his mid forties, seemingly helping people too and from locations in this rain, seemingly unphased by it, besides the wetness. He seems encouraged by the thunder and occasional lightning strikes, and fearless to venture forth amongst them.

You and your party have been here for days in this cramped inn that has long since ran out of warm brew. The streets are flooded knee high and if it wasn't for this inn being up on a high spot, this place would have surly washed away days ago. You have watched the water slowly rise and now out side the widows...its like an ocean, and your on the only ship as far as the eye can see... Except for when the lightning flashes. Its been so wet and tumultuous, that even an elfs vision would be useless in these conditions.

So how is it this one man finds his way? He must know this area pretty well...

[The storyteller or Dungeon Master St/DM. Should make the point very clear that the water is rising, there is no end in sight for this rain, Food is dwindling by the hour and there is no amount of coin that can make this situation any better. People are starting to get antsy, as they know all too well whats coming. The shortage of food, madness, bullying, profiteering...Suddenly, in a inn full of wet smelly people and pets, each of the party members are alone in their own way, and the characters know it.]

It does seem that this inn has been well placed high above the flood waters. And despite the ever growing crowed that pours into the inn...there is a sense of loneliness, except when the clap of thunder and the flash of lightning bright as day brings everyone together for a moment.

[Constitution Check to be made if one of the party members catches some local airborne virus. This check increases in difficulty with each day.]

[Intelligence Check to be made by everyone to see if they can discern what time of day it is. This check increases in difficulty with each day.]

[Wisdom Check to be made to see if this looming 'loneliness' effects the party members. This check increases in difficulty with each day.]

[Perception Check to notice a theme to this Inn. So much has obviously been put away since the influx of the 'customers'. There were an abundance of what looked like paintings on the wall as well as some large map. In a few out of the way places...some shapes on the walls can be seen as if something had been there for a very long time. The theme of this Inn seems to do with transport or traveling...thats common enough yes...however there are no 'wagon or horse' theme shapes or impressions here, it is something else entirely. ]

[Perception Check to Notice a hidden cellar and a semi hidden attic? The cellar check increases in difficulty with each day as each new layer of mud and foot traffic makes it harder to spot.]

[ST/DM needs to make a check on how many more days (d4) in this rain before a creature starts stirring in the waters outside. The creature DOES NOT HAVE TO BE level appropriate, as sometimes crap happens. It can be either a great adversarial or simply a lost critter out of his league, literally. However it needs to be fresh/brackish water aquatic.]

Action and Reaction[edit]

[If the players stay for a few days they will hear comments like:]

  • "this rain...endless rain needs to stop, its driving me crazy."
  • "This rain and this tavern, so many people, yet so many feel a loneliness."
  • "I heard were running out of food."
  • "At least were not running out of water."
  • "We knew the flood seasons were coming, this is a bit more than we expected."

[While the fellow in the light tan leathers will say things like to adults:]

  • "I personally dont want to hear your complaints. You take away the swamps and then build in flood lands like a fool."
  • "I dont wanna hear your complaints, you chopped down the forest that drunk up the water, your own dam fault."
  • "I dont wanna hear it. You complain about the heat in summer and ask for rain and when rain complain about the just shut up."
  • "I didnt bring you to the inn to hear your complaints, maybe you should pray and repent from your foolishness."
  • "Maybe you should remake the swamp and plant some trees to soak up the water once you decide that you are free to return to your homes."
  • "I personally like the rain, its the only time i dont hurt and am free to move about with out some of you giving me the hard time. You dont give me a hard time about my little boat NOW do ya?"
  • "I am going back out in the rain, there's bound to be someone more grateful than you sods."
  • "No I am not going home and letting your bloated floating carcasses end up everywhere polluting the water and woods fields alike. If you want to die so bad, then die here, among the people that like you."
  • "No i am not being a mean arse. I am simply stating facts to crazy, short sighted people who cant even see their face in the reflective waters...Most of you need to wake up and quit living like your already dead."
  • "No i dont feel lonely, so quit asking. Try doing something truly meaningful for both the land about you and others, then maybe you will sleep better at night."
  • "No you cannot take my boat. You mess with it and i will stop bringing food for ALL of you, if i dont stick you with something first..."


[While the fellow in the light tan leathers will say things to Animals and children like :]

  • "I know little one, at least now you know what not to do dont ya?"
  • "I will try to watch and pay attention for you...I will see what i can do."
  • "I know they arnt very smart are they? I know you tried to tell them. People think they know everything dont they?"
  • "I will bring you a little snack when i get back ok? So try to be nice to those around you. They are learning a hard lesson, and I have to be the hard teacher."
  • "I dont think comming with me will be a good idea, they might think bad of me."
  • "Thats pretty funny, your pretty smart arnt you...heh heh."
  • "What? I dont understand. You mean its here because of the mountain?"
  • "Wow thats pretty cool, thank you very much."
  • "Awe, I appreciate that very much."
  • "I know, i understand, i will see what i can do."

If anyone observes this man through the window at the Inn, they will occasionally see him picking up supplies, random swimming domesticated animals, and occasionally passengers who are going somewhere else besides the inn. The animals he is dropping off somewhere else also.

His boat is small and can handle 3 human sized passengers.

(A map is soon to come, i think...)

People in the tavern are generally quiet, sullen and drowsy. Some are just plain grumpy and some are doing good at not letting the depression sink in.

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