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Please discuss any major changes before doing them, thank you. Hexus535 (talk)

Okay. Either drop the damage to 1d6, or keep it at 1d8 but remove the +1 AC. At the moment it is overpowered. Marasmusine (talk) 02:41, 26 April 2016 (MDT)
If there's no response by the end of the week I'll go ahead and make the changes. Marasmusine (talk) 05:44, 2 May 2016 (MDT)
Sorry I have not responded sooner. Anyways I feel it is fine the way it is and is not overpowered. The reasoning for this is; in the Players Handbook the feat "Dual Wielder" allows you to gain a +1 to AC when you have a weapon in each hand, you can dual wield one handed weapons even if they aren't light weapons, and lastly you can draw and stow two weapons instead of one. Now taking this feat into play a player can dual wield two longswords giving any attack action and a bonus action attack both a 1d8. Now to get the +1 to AC and the 1d8 damage from the other head of the Gythka you must take the Double Weapon Master feat. Looking at them side by side they both require a feat, they both give the same bump to AC, and they both do the same damage. The only difference is you have to buy two longswords to one Gythka. So to compensate for that I have bumped up the cost of the Gythka to better match the price of two longswords. I also found that my wording in the part explaining the the Double Weapon Master feat was not the best. I do appoligise for that and have worded it for the better I hope, but this is my reasoning why I feel it is not overpowered, because you can essentially get the same thing in the Players Handbook. Thank you for taking the time to discuss this before applying any changes and I appreciate the feedback. Hexus535 (talk)

Construction Details[edit]

I DM'd a homebrew 5e game with one of the PCs carrying this weapon. We ran into some issues regarding this weapon's construction and cost. The PC in question was playing a Kreen, and noted that the Gythka's description reads "The heads...[are] usually made out of dasl, an amber-like crystal made from a mixture of kreen venom and sand." He had venom (from his race) and sand (from everywhere), so he interpreted this to mean he could craft the weapon at any time, and I couldn't see much fault in his logic. You can see where this is going. The player who did this was 100% munchkin, to the point that he cheated on his character sheet, so this is admittedly an extreme example. Still, as a DM that got stuck with this kind of guy, I'd like to see a bit more detail on the weapon's construction; how long it takes to harden, does it require a mold, etc. Nothing major, just something to patch out this loophole.

Also, the two costs for the weapon made it ripe for exploitation. Buy at 8 GP, sell at 30 GP, make 22 GP profit; over 250% markup. If the players are munchkiny enough, this (and other Kreen weapons) can make the player far richer than they should be at their level. Oportet (talk) 16:22, 19 December 2016 (MST)

You do bring up a good point I will defiantly put in some more details for the weapon's construction. As for the gold pricing that was my attempt to try and account for that if a Kreen makes their own weapon it would be cheaper, however I do see your logic on the gold exploitation. I will also rework this as well to try and make it better but still keep the discount to the Kreen. But since there is still a discount for the Kreen there will always be some who would try to exploit it. I would like to offer my suggestions on how to help combat this. Please do not take this as me trying to tell you how to DM or anything just some ideas. Since I don't know the full details of your game I'm going to give general ideas. 1 is the party in a place populated by kreen? If so use the kreen pricing for selling. 2 Have the merchants see the weapons as more primitive looking and not want to buy them, or that they only work with metal weapons. 3 You could make the PC have to roll some checks to see if they can get that much from a buyer or to even find one. More then likely you found a way around the problem on your own but just some ideas just in-case. I think that the new weapon construction details will solve this problem and maybe even make it a reasonable source of income for a PC in game downtime. Thank you for the feed back and if you have any more questions or suggestions don't hesitate to comment. Hexus535 (talk)
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