Double Weapon Master (5e Feat)

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Double Weapon Master

You have spent significant time mastering the techniques of weapons with two striking heads. You gain the following benefits:

  • You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls with double weapons.
  • You gain one of these benefits, depending on the specific weapon. The weapon description will tell you which you receive.
    • a +1 bonus to AC
    • an increase in damage die for one or both attacks when you are wielding certain double weapons.
    • add your ability modifier to the bonus attack damage roll.

Double Weapons
Double Axe
Double Flail
Double Spear
Double Sword
Double Weapon (5e Variant Rule)
Dwarven Urgrosh
Lightsaber, Double-Bladed
Meteor Hammer
Meteor Hammer - Variant
Monofilament Wire
Piano Wire
Three-Section Staff

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