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Ello! I'm Kyle. I'm a newbie right now, but I have some stuff I'm working on that'll change that soon. I've been practicing Wiki formatting with some occasional edits; I've been going through the Wiki's recent changes and sprucing up recent work that interests me, so if you're here because you saw me edit your creation, well, that's why.

While you're here, I've got some game design philosophy below. Once I organize myself some more, I'll have a nice fat list of my contributions. Until then, just assume that I personally did everything you like on this Wiki, and that all the bad stuff was written by my evil twin, Steve. That way, you'll like me, and we can be friends! Yay, friendship!

Also, I'm not a cop.

Writing and Philosophy[edit]

I'm heavily involved in the theoreticals of games and storytelling. When I see something interesting, I tend to write it down and analyze it as part of the thought digestion process. This leaves me with a collection of D&D-related essays on my hard drive, and since I'm already here, I figured I might as well share them. Take your pick:

Oh, and if you do read through these, feel free to put comments on each's talk page.

Notable Contributions[edit]

This list doesn't include all of my contributions, but I put ones here are the worth your time checking out.




  • Mr. Stake (Collaboration with anonymous IP. MUUUUUUURSTAKE!)


  • Snag a cool picture for this page
  • Finish secret things
  • Take out the trash
  • Do the dishes
  • Feed the dog
  • Feed the dog to the dragon
  • Feed the dragon to the tarrasque
  • Discover the meaning of life
  • Not die
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