Crossbow, Heavy Repeating (5e Equipment)

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Crossbow, heavy repeating

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Crossbow, heavy repeating 65 gp 1 piercing 25 lbs. Ammunition (range 200/800), heavy, two-handed, stabilizing, special

Favoring quantity over quality, this crossbow is so large and bulky that it nearly qualifies as a siege weapon in its own right. Instead of pulling back the string to fire one arrow, the heavy duty string on a heavy repeating crossbow is wound back with a crank, and the tension is then released to drive a hammer that fires bolt after bolt out of a rotating drum magazine that feeds them rapidly into the chamber. Most soldiers that use this weapon are typically supported by a crewmate standing by to reload it with one of several replacement pre-filled drum magazines while they rewound the string.

Bolt Barrage. When you fire the heavy repeating crossbow, you fire fifteen crossbow bolts at once. Make a weapon attack with each bolt against a target within range you can see, dealing 1 piercing damage for every bolt that connects.

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