Crossbow, Heavy Repeating (5e Equipment)

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Crossbow, heavy repeating

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Crossbow, heavy repeating 65 gp 3d4 piercing 25 lbs. Ammunition (range 200/800), heavy, reload (5 shots), special, two-handed

What happens when you combine a repeating crossbow with a machinegun? You get the heavy repeating crossbow, what can only be described as a man-portable siege weapon. With long range and high damage, a well-placed heavy repeating crossbow can quickly lock down the battlefield, at the cost of the wielder's mobility. Firing the crossbow in quick succession, while devastating to the target, causes immense recoil that forces the wielder to pause firing.

Special. The crossbow cannot be fired on the same turn the wielder moves. Reloading uses an action.

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