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Musicus Meter
Score: 7.5
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Cost Racial Trait
1 Strength score increases by 1.
2 Constitution score increases by 2.
1 Needle Arm
1 Natural Armor
0.5 Fresh Greenery
0.5 Powerful Build
1 Grass Oath
0.5 Extra Language
7.5 Total.

With Chesnaught made into a race, the Kalos starter trio is finished! Huzzah! oddly enough the most trouble I had with this was figuring out how to incorporate Spikey Shield, it's signature move, since Greninja (5e Race) and Delphox (5e Race) both have their signature moves. The first idea was a modified version of the Shield spell that did 1d4 piercing damage if it managed to block an enemy attack, while another version was similar to the Tortle's Shell Defense trait. Both would have been fine given how the first incorporates the actual move while the second is based on one of it's pokedex entries:

"When it takes a defensive posture with its fists guarding its face, it could withstand a bomb blast."

Ultimately, I gave it an ability similar to the Firbolg's Firbolg Magic trait. Ironic given how Chesnaughts are kind of like naturally armored Firbolgs.

Fresh Greenery is the translation for the Japanese version of Overgrow, plus I figured giving these guys Druidcraft would be an interesting touch. It was also based on [this image]. Unfortunately, I couldn't really figure out how to incorporate Bulletproof into this (aside from maybe resistance to bludgeoning damage), so I left it out.

Grass Oath is the Japanese version of Grass Pledge. Sure, pledge and oath mean the same thing, but I felt "Oath" complimented Chestnaught's knightly appearance.

Lastly, there's naturally a Scan Island reference. If you use Scan Island on Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon on a Thursday, a Chesnaught will appear on Exeggutor Island, and the same goes for Serperior (5e Race) in Sun and Moon. --MetalShadowOverlord (talk) 18:43, 31 January 2019 (MST)

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