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The Pantheons of Stormforge includes a one creator, the Pantheon of Good, the Pantheon of Evil, the Unaligned, one false god, deities of the drow and orcs, and four primordials.



Thronin, All-father, God of the Forge, Master of Creation, and Dwarf Father[edit]

The mightiest god across Stormforge, for he created the world, the gods, and the rules by which the other deities must abide. He is fair and noble, but he tends to wander away at times to look after other creations, but when needed he returns swiftly to handle any situation. He is the only deity of Stormforge that does not require worshippers to maintain his godhood.

Pantheon of Good[edit]

The deities that make up the Pantheon of Good are each allied against the Pantheon of Evil and for the most part hold righteousness and purity of heart as keys to winning the final battle against evil.

Arbeorn, God of the Air, Lord of Light, and Father of the Elves[edit]

Morgai, God of Order, Lawbrinder, Lord of Truth, and Father of Humanity[edit]

Neviri, Goddess of Water, Lady of Mourning, Ocean Mother[edit]

Rhea, Goddess of Nature, Earthmother, Mother of the Halflings[edit]

Toric, God of War, Lord of Strength & Honor, Father of the Giants[edit]

Avanali, Demi-goddess of Sun & Reason[edit]

Cali, Demi-goddess Forests, Archery, & Hunting[edit]

Kaishmi, Demi-goddess of Pleasure & Carnal Lust[edit]

Mastion, Demi-god of Winds & Mischief[edit]

Rahvenna, Demi-goddess of Night & Moon[edit]

Travin, Demi-god of Travel, Music & Adventure[edit]

Tir, Demi-god of Courage & Nobility[edit]

The Unaligned[edit]

These deities are known to consider both aspects of the balance between good and evil and often work to keep that balance. For example Shadril, as Goddess of Magic and Storms can be both a caring mother figure and a devastatingly cruel and ambivalent mistress as situation deems necessary. All the while, Tyrmian, God of Time and Knowledge shares his knowledge equally with any who seek it, unless he deems that it will result in knowledge being lost.

Anesthia, Goddess of the Death, Keeper of Secrets[edit]

Shadril, Goddess of Magic, Mistress of Storms, Lady Protector, and Mother of Gargoyles[edit]

Tyrmian, God of Time, Keeper of Knowledge, Great Sage, and Father of the Gnomes[edit]

Aaru, Demi-goddess of the Fate & Destiny, Goddess Reborn, Mother of the Merfolk[edit]

Waedre, Demi-god of Wealth & Trade[edit]

Fynnia, Demi-goddess of Luck[edit]

Pantheon of Evil[edit]

These deities seek to undermine or corrupt civilization and the people of Aerinthia. They will occasionally work together towards a common goal, but often their alliances will be torn apart by betrayal, internal strife, and attempts to lord over each other.

Ashmedai, God of Tyranny, Domination, Evil, Strife, Lord of the Damned, Arch-devil & Ruler of the Nine Hells[edit]

Tatenal, God of Corruption & Betrayal, Prince of Lies[edit]

Alisa, Demi-goddess of Nightmares, Mother of all Fears[edit]

Daegoth, Demi-god of Destruction, Lord of Entropy[edit]

Ragna, Demi-goddess of Winter, Ice Maiden[edit]

Kylmor, Demi-god of Murder, Prince of Shadows, Lord of Assassins[edit]

Nalfien, Demi-god of Necromancy, Lord of Undeath[edit]

Sissthus, Demi-goddess of Pain & Bloodlust, Serpent Queen[edit]

False Gods[edit]

Kosun, The God-King of Dros Corinth, "The Citadel of Light"[edit]

In truth he is an ultra-lich, who has achieved partial ascension as a quasi-god of flame and civilization. He is capable of granting spells to his clerics, paladins, and avengers. His mortal shell was wracked by the considerable divine forces of his transformation and so he is entombed deep within the royal tombs of his fore-fathers beneath Dros Corinth. With considerable effort he is capable of rising and retaking his place on the Iron Throne of Dros Corinth, which he has done twice during the Sixth Age when the dark armies of Shadar stood before the gates of the Citadel of Light. Each time he has risen to take the Iron throne he remained only for the duration of the siege and then he returned to his tomb. His cult has always been strong within nobility of Dros Corinth, but is quickly revitalized with new followers from all walks of life while he sits upon the Iron Throne.

Orcish Deities[edit]

Deities of the Drow[edit]


The Forgotten[edit]

Palovar the Sage, Lord of Dreams, Keeper of Prophecy, The Silver King[edit]

Maeve, Queen of Air and Darkness, Lady of Chaos, the Night Serpent[edit]

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