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The Golden sun.

Domains: Sun, Knowledge, Justice
Warpriest Domain: Sun

Avanali was created by Thronin, The Creator from the shattered pieces of Aaru's divinity after her destruction at the hands of Tatenal, God of Corruption. Her creation marked the beginning of the Third Age. Shadril, Goddess of Magic and Kaishmi, Demi-goddess of Pleasure were also created by Thronin at the same time. Avanali also goes by demi-goddess of sun and reason, lady of reason, and lifebringer. Scholars, sages, teachers, and sendasti sanctify Avanali. She calls Godsend her home. Citizens of kadishmar, sunrises, and special rites and rituals held on the nights of the lunar eclipse and the first day of spring santify her. Here tenets are:

  • Reason is the weapon of the wise, use it.
  • Nurture life in all aspects as the Sun nurtures life in you
  • Undeath is an poison, let my holy light purify the land
  • Spread reason to the masses, let none go without wisdom

Cleric Training[edit]

There are two types of Priests of Avanali. The first are the Sunbringers, Clerics who bring healing and life the the faithful and wisdom to the masses. The second are the Sunrunners, Avengers, Invokers, Sorcerers, and Wizards who purify the land of those without reason, bringers of undeath, poisoners, and those who oppress the faithful. Sunbringers wear gold and red robes with a white sun above embroidered clouds. The Sunrunners wear robes of white and gold, with a orange sun beneath embroidered clouds.


  • Destroying undead.
  • Protecting a group of travelers.
  • Searching for an ancient rituals to cure a deadly plague.
  • Travel deep within a mysterious tomb to destroy a necromancer.


Both Sunbringers and Sunrunners say their prayers at sunrise and always perform a simple ritual to create an holy water.


There are many temples to Avanali throughout Kadishmar, where her worship dominates daily life.


Special rites and rituals are held on the nights of the lunar eclipse the first day of spring.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

Avanali has maintained a strong friendship with Kaishmi and Shadril, as well as being the wife of Toric, God of War. Often Avanali is called the Twin Sister of Ravenna, Demi-goddess of the Moon although records indicate that Ravenna was not created at the same time as Avanali.

Avanali's current herald is the Sunrunner, Shallia of Ohm and the dragon, Ilkah'Zeshk

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