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A winged longsword with a oak leaf shaped pommel.

Domains: Freedom, Sun
Warpriest Domain: Sun

Arbeorn is the first formed and oldest of the gods of Stormforge. He is most like his creations, some times arrogant, but always wise and pure of purpose. He seeks to force darkness from the world and protect his creations and followers. He is the head of the Pantheon of Good and resides in Godsend like the others of his pantheon. Elves, paladins, elven rangers, nobility, and the righteous pay homage to Arbeorn.

  • Hold forth the light for it will purify the darkness
  • Respect your elders for they have lived long enough to have great wisdom
  • Honor the sky for from it comes life, light, and breath
  • Do not tolerate the demonic forces or those who are tainted by dark magics


Arbeorn's clerics, known as aurors are chosen at birth by Arbeorn and blessed with a oak leaf birthmark upon their body. They are brought to the temple at puberty and taught every way to battle the forces of darkness, the demonic, and how to provide for the faithful. New Aurors are expected to spend at least a decade actively fighting the forces of darkness or demonic creatures or helping the faithful before settling down at a temple or founding a new temple.


  • Purifying a ruined temple of evil creatures. (especially kobolds, goblins, undead)
  • Reclaiming an elven village overrun by marauding orcs or dark elves
  • Tracking down a evil warlock or wizard and bringing them into the "Light" by force.


The Aurors say their prayers at every dawn, noon, and sunset.


Every elven city and many cities with generally good people of other races contain at least a small temple to Arbeorn. The main temple of Arbeorn is on the continent of Aerinthia in elven kingdom of Aerindor.


Special rites and rituals are held on the nights of the lunar eclipse, which happens twice a year in Stormforge.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

His allies include all the the good deities of Stormforge and has a special friendship with his former wife, Aaru, Demi-goddess of Fate & Destiny.


In ages past his avatar walked the elven realm of Aerindor as the sage and ranger, Jolonar Summerhawk. In the current age he has used the gold dragon, Thraliomanthus as his voice and avatar when he speaks with his high priests or his followers are in need of great aid.

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