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Of the Void[edit]

You wake up and are floating in nothing but pure darkness. Then you hear your own thoughts for the first time, "You are in the void and are of the void." What could it all mean? Then you see a door of light appear in front of you. Somehow your body, or whatever it's called goes flying through it and you end up in the material plane. Mysterious right? Time to figure out your purpose in life.

Skill Proficiencies: Perception, Stealth

Tool Proficiencies: Navigator's Tools or Thieves' Tools

Languages: Primordial and one of your choice

Equipment: Rags

Feature: Amnesia[edit]

You literally have no idea who you are and/or what you are. If someone were to ask about you, you could honestly say "I don't know" and they would believe you. You slowly take on traits/names/idea/feelings/etc. as you go on in life finding your purpose.

Alternate Feature: Reborn[edit]

You know who you are or at least who you are now. You know you were someone before but are now someone one different with their own ideals and feelings with probably a mission/quest that you have to complete in life. Every once in a while someone might say they recognize you from somewhere but how could they? You only just met them, right?.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

It is suggested that you take at least 2 personality traits from here but no more than 4.

d10 Personality Trait
1 I am quick to understand things.
2 I do not have a good imagination.
3 I am always prepared.
4 I make a mess of things.
5 I feel comfortable around people.
6 I don't like to draw attention to myself.
7 I take time out for others.
8 I feel little concern for others.
9 I get upset easily.
10 I am relaxed most of the time.
d6 Ideal
1 Discovery. You need to find out why you were brought to this world so you can feel a sense of purpose for once. (Good)
2 Apathy. You really don't care why you're here. You will just have as much fun as possible and do whatever you want to. (Evil)
3 Ignorance. You really don't know what's up and either you have tried to find out or just simply can't. (Neutral)
4 Trust. You believe you are here for a reason, and will continue in your daily life until you figure that out. (Lawful)
5 Doubt. You feel that it was random chance why you were brought here and you are just trying to survive, whatever the cost. (Chaotic)
6 Destiny. You know exactly why you are here and are always pushing towards that outcome regardless of any other variables. (Any)
d10 Bond
1 (Pick one from Acolyte)
2 (Pick one from Charlatan)
3 (Pick one from Criminal)
4 Pick one from Entertainer)
5 (Pick one from Outlander)
6 (Pick one from Sage)
7 (Pick one from Sailor)
8 (Pick one from Soldier)
9 (Pick one from Urchin)
10 (Re-Roll)
d6 Flaw
1 Whenever you are about to remember something of your past/past life, it quickly disappears from your mind.
2 Whenever you try to help someone in need, you end up making it worse than it was before.
3 You are extremely obnoxious whenever you are nervous and/or anxious about something.
4 Sometimes you pretend to be a lot more confident than you really are.
5 At the first sign of trouble, you run and hide as far away as possible.
6 You tend to pick fights a lot even if you know you're going to lose.

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