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Instant Audience
4th-level Illusion
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Self (60-foot radius)
Components: V,S,M (a small collection of various items such as buttons and coins, and a live mouse, which vanishes for the duration of the spell but reappears, unharmed, when the spell is over)
Duration: 4 hours

You conjure an semi-real audience. Every minute for the next five minutes, 1d4 people will enter the area as if just coming in from the outside (they do not poof into existence). They appear to be a mix of people appropriate for the circumstances and location. When it’s appropriate, they will applaud, chit-chat, and eat available snacks. If it’s appropriate for the circumstances, they may flirt or act as bullies. They do not talk about themselves at all, as they have no history or true knowledge beyond trivia you yourself might know. Nor do they leave the area. When the spell’s duration ends, or you dismiss the spell, the audience members leave in the same way they came in. The members of the audience do not fight in any manner. They have an AC of 10 and 1 hp, and will instantly vanish if harmed in any manner.

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