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When a registered user does not edit with civility and etiquette, an uninvolved administrator may issue them a warning. Warnings result in predetermined feelings and they lead to blocks. Warnings, however, are still determined by administrators. For example correcting indentations may result in discretional feelings while being personally attacked are predetermined feelings.


First and foremost, as mentioned above, editing without civility and etiquette, as defined by Wikipedia Policy, warrants a warning. This includes, but is not exclusively limited to, the following offenses:

  • Harassment
  • Personal attacks such as racial, ethnic, sexual, gender-related and religious slurs, and derogatory references to groups such as social classes or nationalities
  • Verbal abuse
  • Profanity
  • Belittling another contributor
  • Lying
  • Quoting another editor out of context
  • Rudeness: insults, name-calling, gross profanity or indecent suggestions
  • Plagiarism or other copyright violations

Improper usage of a maintenance template warrants a warning:

  • The usage of maintenance templates to enforce metric rating systems, without offering a topic of discussion alongside the maintenance template, warrants a warning.


The ban length starts with one week at three warnings. If a user is banned again, the ban length is a number of weeks equal to the number of bans.

Warnings are given by admins; an admin should post on a user’s talk page that the user has been warned with a link to the offense. In addition, a brief explanation why the offense is not allowed should be noted in the warning. (example: D&D Wiki does not allow cursing). Lastly, admins may use their best judgment a give shorter or lengthier ban than policy suggests, based on the circumstances.

If a user's contributions have incurred no additional warnings over six months since their last contribution incurred a warning the warnings will be removed.

Comments with offending text written, at any time, by IPs will be edited like every other warn-able offense, but no warning will be issued.

IPs who commit warn-able offenses will be immediately blocked without warning and the block reason should say "IP leaving comments in violation of warning policy". This policy is not related to them from this point.

If an administrator is issued three warnings, and a subsequent block, their administrator standing will be put to a vote. After the block is over, they will be RfA'd, and removed from power if they are found to no longer be upholding the values of the community. Bureaucrats are exempt from receiving warnings.

Warnings Issued

Below is a list of warnings that are current. Warnings listed here should be shown as such:

*{{user|username}} (# of warnings:# of blocks) [[User talk:username#Warning|User talk:username]] date

Any discrepancies on a warning's validity or reason should be brought up on the talk page.

If you know of a page where warnings need to be given please bring that up on the talk page.

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