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We are a Dungeons & Dragons fan community, which includes fandom of spinoff games from the D&D franchise, like D20 Modern and Pathfinder. We are, more specifically, a game design hobbyist community, with a focused interest in creating and sharing homebrew content for those games. We practice homebrew through a primarily collaborative effort, with many users working together to bring an idea to its most complete, functional, and entertaining form. Everyone who comes to this site is free to participate in this activity, and the material is free to be used, even in modified form, in your own games. No charge. As such, individual authorship isn't really a thing here, everything is expected to be a community effort. We are a self-regulating community, meaning our quality policies are enforced by the community, not exclusively by administration, which deals more with violations of Help:Behavioral Policy.

Mission Statement: I've noticed that Dungeons and Dragons goes on for a long time. Instead of arguing about it I'm just going to simplify that one way, the way that is probably intended, to play D&D is to play up to the point where your first character may finally perish. In that moment you quit playing your Adventurers League and save your character and do solo adventures/and inbetween adventures you take it upon yourself to do a quest for muscle/skills to your attributes and abilities. For instance pick up fencing, or buy a sword and find a forest and become a Master Swordsman- It's not until we finally set out to work in the world for money that do we notice how much time we'd like to spend on ourselves. A family will come, and perhaps even funner if we train ourselves from losing our first character. There are DISCORDS out now adays that you can create a family sigil and hone your abilities with chronicling to make it all the more fun as well!

I was allowed in as a level 9 Champion Yuan-ti, but the Dungeon Master was not playing alongside the other adventurers so a lot of them were dying left and right as wizards. I left them before the bosses room. Then I searched for solo adventures and they do exist, there's also a D&D Advanced Bestiary book that is specifically used in creating your own monsters with the dice. I'll do these modules, and do some some more and return to lower leveled modules as a higher level because what I'm saying is that I have this experience mentioned uptop. Just rolling dice shouldn't be possible, you'd just make characters over and over and over and over.

You could even be a man of the world. Way of the Viper (talk) 17:57, 13 April 2019 (MDT)

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