Glyph of Teleportation (5e Spell)

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Glyph of Teleportation
3rd-level Conjuration (ritual)
Casting time: 1 action
Range: touch
Components: V, M ( gem powder worth at least 50G which the spell consumes)
Duration: until dispelled

When you cast this spell, you inscribe a glyph either upon a surface (such as a table or a section of floor or wall) or an object ( such as a dagger or a piece of parchment) as wall as a corresponding glyph on you skin. You trigger a glyph by focusing on it and casting this spell again (material components are not required to cast the spell this way).

triggering a glyph either teleports you, a willing creature, or an object to it's location or if the glyph is on an object you may teleport the object to you, objects teleported this way must weigh less then 10 pounds.

The glyph is nearly invisible and requires a successful Intelligence (Investigation) check against your spell save DC to be found.

At Higher Levels. you can bring an additional creatures equal to the number of levels above 3rd or increase the weight of the object you teleport by 10 pounds per level.

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