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A Unified World, Divided[edit]

A shot of the Shinobi world from space.
A map of the locations of each village.

The Shinobi world consists of a single supercontinent with a spattering of islands along its coasts, the greatest consistency and size of which are just out from its southeastern shore. Amidst this land lies numerous “lands”, or countries that claim an element of chakra their own. Each land is lead by a Daimyō, or feudal lord, but leaves all military matters under the head of its respective Ninja village, towns specifically founded to raise and train soldiers. Each village generally hides its ninja village, which is reflected in their naming convention of Hidden (nation indicator) Village. The nations are only held from war by each others' strength, and while treaties have been signed, they rarely hold more value than the paper they're written on. Among the nations, five stand as the greatest in military might. Dubbed the Five Great Shinobi Nations, they include the lands of Fire, Lightning, Water, Wind, and Earth.


The symbol next to each name indicates its symbol on the map above

Land of Fire (火)[edit]

The Land of Fire is the centermost nation in the Shinobi World and is covered in lush forests and warm weather. It was the first to adopt a ninja village, the Hidden Leaf Village, which is lead by the Hokage and founded by the Senju and Uchiha clans. Being surrounded by three of the Five Great Shinobi Nations, it has been engulfed in every Shinobi World War.

Land of Lightning (雷)[edit]

Located in the peninsula to the northeast of the Land of Fire, the Land of Lightning is a generally mountainous region. At its center lies the largest mountain range in the Shinobi World, upon which brews a constant lightning storm. Its ninja village is the Hidden Cloud Village, lead by the Raikage.

Land of Water (水)[edit]

The Land of Water is composed of many islands in the sea to the east of the Land of Fire. Each island has its own tradition, and they are usually covered in thick mist and cool weather. Many islands contain lakes, and snow is quite common in the northern part of the nation. Its ninja village, the Hidden Mist Village, is a sprawling metropolis island lead by the Mizukage.

Land of Wind (風)[edit]

To the southwest of the Land of Fire lies the Land of Wind. While it covers a vast amount of land, most of it is desert. Due to the lack of rainfall, almost all of its villages surround an oasis. Despite their past rivalries, they have maintained a decent amount of trading with the Land of Fire. The Hidden Sand Village, lead by the Kazekage, has been almost untouched by foreign powers due to its harsh desert surroundings, the likes of which only shinobi native to this land can traverse.

Land of Earth (土)[edit]

To the northwest of the Land of Fire is the Land of Earth. Mostly comprised of desolate, rocky areas, its border runs along a rocky mountain range, blocking communication with other countries. The northern winds carry rocks from this range to the surrounding areas, resulting in a phenomenon known as “rock rain”.

Land of Snow (雪)[edit]

The Land of Snow is a small, peaceful nation to in the far north. Its landscape is a veritable tundra, being covered in snow and ice year round. Most of the coastline is covered in mountains and glaciers, thus making an invasion by sea nigh impossible. The Hidden Snow Village specializes in ice manipulation, not to be confused with the Kekkei Genkai that creates ice, typically in the form of animals.

Land of Sound[edit]

Symbolized by three horizontal parallel lines, the Land of Sound, formerly the Land of Ricefields, is a small nation boarding the lands of Fire and Snow. As its former name suggests, it is covered in fertile farmland, enabling it to ensure a modicum of peace with its neighbors through trading. The Hidden Sound Village was only founded in the wake of the Second Shinobi World War by Orochimaru, one of the legendary Sannin, as a personal experimentation laboratory.

Land of Iron[edit]

The Land of Iron is protected by formidable warriors known as samurai. While it is not marked on the map, it is located between the lands of Earth and Wind. Due to their immense strength and differing ideology from shinobi, there is an agreement among the other nations to not interfere. Due to this, it is often used as a neutral meeting ground among the shinobi nations. In the wake of the Fourth Shinobi World War, the Shinobi Union Headquarters was founded in this nation.

Kamui Dimension[edit]

The Kamui Dimension is a unique plane of reality that is only accessible through Kamui, though significantly powerful time-space ninjutsu masters can brute-force their way in by using extreme amounts of chakra. While it's relatively small in terms of dimensions, it is large enough that even the fastest shinobi could never hope to reach its edges within their lifetime. It is dimly lit and filled with a vast amount of 20 foot gray cubes of varying height.

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