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Vehicle, common

Spacefaring elves use this small winged plant for short-distance travel outside a spelljammer's air envelope.
A gadabout has a flying movement rate of 90 feet and 20 hit points.
A gadabout can fit one Large or smaller creature (ogres and bionoids have used them). It wraps its branches around the wearer, spreads its wings and creates a continually refreshed air bubble. This bubble is generates oxygen just like a normal plant and also provide a nourishing syrup, which the user can drink from a flexible stalk near his or her head. This closed environment persists as long as the wings remain intact and there is sufficient sunlight.
Easily cared for, the gadabout requires only sunlight and occasional watering. When reduced to 0 hit points, the entire plant undergoes rapid decomposition, turning to an evil-smelling mess within two hours. Gadabouts are created from fruit from the starfly plant and live for 25 years.
The central part of the plant remains the same size; the only parts that grow are the wings. As with the other elven spacefaring plants, owners must trim the wings occasionally.


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