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File:3.5e Endhaven Environment Venalicium.jpg |thumb|450px|Venalicium's Dockyards]]

     Revised 3rd edition environment: Venalicium

The city-state of Venalicium is a major trading city in Endhaven. Founded as a small village, this small plane was never intended to be a major trading center. Over time, a favorable location on the water enabled it to grow into a town: but little else. During the Wars of Law and Chaos the town acted as a staging ground for the forces of law. This transformed the town into a small city. Walls were built, shipyards were set up, and Venalicium acted as a major base for the Dragon Empire's navy. Later granted home-rule by the Dragon Emperor and working with the Malachite Empire Venalicium has become quite powerful with its well-developed infrastructure of canals and port facilities, a large and well-trained navy, an extensive merchant fleet, a great natural harbor, rich banks, and an army comprised of regulars augmented by mercenaries. Run by a merchant-oligarchy, this city-state is a place of tight law-and-order that works to keep evils at bay and remain prosperous.

Early in the Psychotic War, Venalicium's control of the Savage Seas was weakened. Shorty thereafter pirates and other sea ruffians quickly exploited the weakened power of this city-state, claiming the high seas for themselves. To Venalicium's dismay, even longboats from the Feral Nation now raid deep into the sea. In addition with the ever pressing need to maintain tight law-and-order throughout the city proper and its island possessions, there is much to do throughout Venalicium. Merchants also offer many assignments to adventurers with their desire to become richer, join the city's oligarcy, and keep the city-state prosperous.

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