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Crystal Style[edit]

The Crystal Style Kekkei Genkai hearnesses the geometric nature of Lightning Style and enhances it with the physical permanence of Yang Style chakra to create crystalline structures.

Basic Crystal Style Technique

Cost: 5 Chakra

As an action, you can create 1 crystal no larger than would fit in the palm of your hand. It can act as any gemstone of any value. A creature must succeed a DC 12 + your Intelligence modifier Intelligence (Investigation) check to determine that it is artificial, reducing its price to 10 gp.

Crystal Wheel

Cost: 3 chakra

You cover your body in a ring of crystals. Until the beginning of your next turn, you gain a +30 ft. bonus to your movement speed, opportunity attacks against you have disadvantage, you can not take actions or bonus actions, passing through another creature’s space does not cost additional movement, and if you occupy the same space as another creature, they take 1d6 + your Dexterity magical slashing damage. You may spend 1 chakra at the beginning of each of your turns to maintain these effects.

Gods' Crossing

Cost: 2+ Chakra

Range: 15 foot line

As an action, you create a stream of jagged crystals. As a ranged attack, every creature takes 2d8 piercing or slashing damage, your choice. This only effects creatures in every other 5 foot area of this jutsu’s range. You may spend 2 additional chakra to increase this jutsu’s range by 10 feet.

Crimson Fruit

Cost: 5 chakra

Range: 60 feet

Duration: 1 minute

You create a 15 foot radius dome of crystals. Each wall has 20 AC and 25 hit points.

Jade Crystal Mirror

Cost: 10+ Chakra

Duration: 1 minute

Range: 30 feet

As a bonus action or reaction to an attack, you erect a wall of perfectly reflective crystal that occupies a 5-foot area. It has 15 AC and 35 hit points. Enemies within 10 feet of it must succeed a Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, they have disadvantage on attack rolls and you have advantage on attack rolls against them. You may increase this jutsu's AC by 1 and hit points by 2 for every 2 additional chakra points spent. You may move it up to 60 feet away from you as a bonus action.

Giant Hexagonal Weapon

Cost: 3 chakra per weapon

As part of your action when you make a thrown weapon attack, you may convert the weapon into a large, hexagonal projectile. Its range becomes a line with a width of 15 feet. They revert to normal at the end of your turn. This can be used in conjunction with the Shuriken Jutsu.

String of Glory

Cost: 20 chakra

Range: Self

Duration: 1 minute

You encase your body in a pyramid of crystals. Your movement speed becomes 0, and you gain a flying speed of 5 feet, 35 temporary hit points, and a +3 bonus to your AC. As a ranged spell attack, you may fire a beam from the tip of the pyramid with a range of 30 feet. On a hit, it deals 4d6 force damage.

Tearing Crystal Falling Dragon

Cost: 25 chakra

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

Range: 60 feet

As an action, you can form a dragon from a mass of Crystal Style chakra. You can form and control up to 3 dragons at a time. Beyond being Large, vulnerable to lightning damage, having a flying speed of 60 ft., not being able to leave a 60 ft. radius of you, and having 90 hit points and 18 AC, it has the same statistics as you. It acts on your initiative and has the following actions:

  • Multiattack. It can make one bite attack and two claw attacks.
    • Bite deals 1d8 piercing damage
    • Claw deals 1d6 slashing damage
  • Self Destruct. The dragon can be sacrificed, ramming itself into a target at high speeds as a ranged spell attack. The target is pushed 40 ft. away and takes 4d8 bludgeoning damage on a successful hit.

Jade Crystal Clone Technique

Requirements: Jade Crystal Mirror, Shadow Clone

While Jade Crystal Mirror is within 10 ft. of you, any clones you create have an additional 5 hit points and a +1 bonus to their AC.

Crystal Lance

Cost: 5 chakra

As an action, you cover one part of your body with a massive crystalline spike, making 1 unarmed strike with an additional 20 ft. of reach.

Growing Crystal Thorns

Cost: 5-20 chakra

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

Range: 10 ft. cone

As an action, you create pink, thorn-like crystals that slowly advance on a target. At the end of each of your turns that you concentrate on this jutsu, its range increases by +10 feet. Every creature that moves in or ends their turn in this area must attempt a Dexterity saving throw, taking 3d8 piercing damage on a failure, or half as much damage on a success. The area of this jutsu counts as difficult terrain while you are concentrating on this jutsu. For every 5 additional chakra spent, this jutsu's base range and end-of-turn range increase increases by +5 ft.

Jade Crystal Hexagonal Pillars

Cost: 20 chakra

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

Range: 30 feet

As an action, you create crystal formations that amplify chakra in a 10 ft. radius. Any jutsu cast within this area has their cost reduced by 5 chakra to a minimum of 1.

Crystal Encampment Wall

Cost: 20 Chakra

Range: 20 ft.

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

As an action, you create a 20 ft. long, 5 ft. wide, 40 ft. high line of crystals. The wall provides total cover and has 100 hit points each. If the wall is destroyed, it shatters, dealing 2d4 slashing damage to the creatures on either side of the wall, as well as the amount of damage remaining that the wall would have taken to creatures on the side of the wall opposite to the side the jutsu was cast. The wall regains 20 hit points at the end of each of your turns.

*Crystal Style: Reflecting Rasengan*

Cost: 15 chakra

Range: Touch

Requirements: Rasengan

Duration: 1 hour

As an action, you imbue your rasengan with Crystal Style chakra of various colors. Make a melee spell attack. The target takes 2d10 + your Intelligence modifier slashing plus 2d10 force damage, and they become blinded as crystal growths cover their eyes. A creature that can touch the target may make a Strength saving throw as an action. On a success, they successfully remove most of the crystals, becoming and confused instead of blinded as a their vision is distorted. The target may attempt a Strength or Wisdom saving throw at the end of each of their turns, ending this effect on a success.

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