Chainsaw, UAC (5e Equipment)

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Chainsaw, UAC

Simple Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Chainsaw, UAC Uncommon 3d4 slashing 9 lb. Chained damage (4), reload (50 charges), heavy, two-handed

UAC manufacture diamond-toothed chainsaws as a general purpose cutting tool. It lends itself very well as a melee weapon. It requires a power cell that is drained after 50 charges are used. The cell can be swapped out, or recharged during a short rest if a power terminal is accessible.

Chained Damage

When you roll for damage with a chainsaw, pick up die results of 4 and roll them again, adding the new results to the damage total. Repeat this until all the damage die show a 3 or less. Each additional die rolled consumes an additional charge.

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UAC Chainsaw (Source)

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