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This is a futuristic campaign based on the video game of the same name by iD. The players are team of marines coping with an invasion of demons at various hotspots around the solar system. Adventures take place in military bases, laboratories, space stations, industrial complexes, and Hell itself.


In the 22nd century, the known universe is much as it is today. Mankind's influence has not spread beyond our star. Space stations are found throughout the solar system and corporate bases have been built on strategic celestial bodies such as Mars.

Through technological advances and experimentation with anomalies found on and around Mars, mankind has discovered another plane of existence: the worst possible one. A realm of fire, evil and demons; a dimension that reveals the existence of the human soul and the fate that awaits it; a rift through which comes a horde of beings so malign they wish only to enslave and torture all living things. This is Hell.


  • United Aerospace Corporation is a megacorporation that has research stations throughout the solar system. They are a military contractor, with weapon development and manufacturing programs and security services. They are also contracted to handle radioactive waste, which they process on their Mars facility. UAC is unethical in its approach to research, using human test subjects in teleportation and other dangerous experiments.
    • Mars-Sec (Mars City Security) are personal security contractors that work directly for UAC.
  • United Nations Military is a pan-national military organization. The United Nations Space Marine Corps protect vulnerable locations throughout the solar system, including providing security for UAC facilities.

Player Options[edit]

The Doom setting has an emphasis on weapons, armor and gadgets, rather than a character's inherent abilities. There is only one class – the marine – that specializes in particular equipment, unlocking new uses and modes as the player levels up. Similarly, only one race is available, the human. Use the human racial traits as presented in the Player's Handbook.


The following are new proficiencies.

  • Skill proficiency: Intelligence (Security). Use this skill when you are operating electronic security equipment such as biometric locks, computer terminals and robotic drones. This does not extend to bypassing or hacking such devices: that requires proficiency in the hacking tool.
  • Tool proficiency: Vehicles (Aerospace). With this proficiency you can add your proficiency bonus to any check you make to control vehicles that operate in space or a planet's atmosphere. You also add your proficiency bonus to attack rolls made with the weapon systems of such vehicles.
  • Tool proficiencies: Hacking tool, entrenching tool, battle damage repair kit.


Generally speaking, players will not be granted an opportunity to go shopping, instead scavenging equipment as they go. Thus pieces of equipment do not have a "gold piece value": instead they have a rarity, as though they were magic items, which informs the DM when to introduce them.

New Rules[edit]

Armor Degradation[edit]

In Doom, worn armor is ablative and degrades as it prevents damage. A weapon attack roll that equals the target's AC exactly also reduces the target's AC by 1 if it is wearing armor. The effect is cumulative to a maximum of -2 for light armor, -4 for security armor or -6 for combat armor at which point the armor is destroyed. Partially damaged armor can be repaired with a battle damage repair kit.


Adversaries in Doom include humans or animals that were slain and reanimated by the forces of Hell, and a variety of demons.

Optional Rule: Monster Infighting[edit]

Demons are not disciplined warriors, and sometimes turn on one another when enraged. In particular, powerful demons will not let a subordinate get away with friendly fire.

A ranged attack from a demon that misses might hit another demon, if the target is positioned such that it would grant cover to the second demon. If the attack die roll shows a 1, 2, 3 or 4, the attack hits the second demon. If the second demon's CR is greater than or equal the first demon's CR, it will prioritize attacking the first demon.


Since Doom doesn't have gold coins or magic items (per se), you'll need some new reward tables.

There are several important resources:

  • Ammunition
  • Weapon runes are important for non-energy weapons to be effective on demons, but this eventually destroys the weapon, so treasure should include replacement weapons.
    • The CR of demons factors in their resistance to non-energy weapons, so power cells for energy weapons (like the plasma gun or static cannon) should be given out infrequently.
  • Armor degrades, so treasure should include repair kits or new suits of armor.
  • Stimpacks and health bonuses allow marines to get through levels without having to take a rest.

Random Dungeons[edit]

"Dungeons" in Doom represent human-built facilities such as power stations, toxin refineries and military bases; and the places of Hell such as unholy cathedrals, bloody keeps and desolate plains.


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