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Techbase Dungeons[edit]

A techbase is the generic name for human-built facilities in futuristic campaigns. They are operated by corporations or military organizations and include connected power stations, refineries, laboratories, firebases, hangars, living quarters and command rooms.

Examples from fiction include the UAC Phobos and Deimos bases in Doom; the LV-426 colony in Aliens; and the moonbase in Rebelstar.

Chamber Purpose[edit]

Use this section in conjunction with DMG Appendix A (Random Dungeons)

You can start with any one of the following three tables.

Chamber Purpose (Command Centre)
d20 Purpose
1 Barracks for security team.
2-3 Office.
3 Bedroom for an officer.
4 Dormitory.
5 Medical bay with beds, cryosleep tubes, blood bank and surgery robot.
6-8 Command room with banks of computer terminals and an overview of another area of the techbase.
9 Rec room with bar, pool table and arcade machines.
10 Central computer room, with mainframes and pools and tubes of coolant.
11 Conference room, with a big table and holographic screen
12 Mess hall, with plenty of seating and an autochef droid.
13-14 Storage room, with lots of shelving and crates.
15 Shuttle hangar, with either an adjacent landing pad, or a roof that opens.
16 Armoury
17 Robot center – with recharge points, repair bay and reprogramming suite – for storing security robots.
18 Backup generator.
19 Roll on, and switch to, the Refinery table.
20 Roll on, and switch to, the Laboratory table.
A techbase command center.
Chamber Purpose (Refinery)
d20 Purpose
1 Field equipment room.
2-3 Processing substation, with any or all of conveyor belts, gantries, crushers, grinders, vats and pipes.
3 Electronics switchroom.
4 Central control, with banks of computer terminals.
5 Administration.
6-8 Toxic vats.
9 Warehouse.
10 Workshop.
11-12 Wastewater treatment.
13 Pressure control.
14 Storage room, with lots of shelving and crates.
15 Garage with adjacent driveway.
16 Incinerator.
17 Molten materials substation, with pools, channels and buckets of hot gloop (or cooled-down slag).
18 Backup generator.
19 Roll on, and switch to, the Command Centre table.
20 Roll on, and switch to, the Laboratory table.
A techbase refinery.

Chamber Purpose (Laboratory)
d20 Purpose
1 Medlab, with cryosleep tanks, surgery droid, medical scanners.
2-3 Volatile chemicals storage.
3 Power conduits.
4 Particle accelerator.
5 Administration.
6-8 Test chamber, with any or all of blast plates; dummies; vacuum, temperature and gravity controls; large centrifuges and deep pools.
9 Computer and robotics workshop.
10 Materials manufactory, with equipment for printing, weaving, spooling, pressurizing and heating; and vats of acids, metals, polymers and other chemicals.
11 Lounge and cafeteria.
12-13 Storage room for scientific equipment.
14 Decontamination chamber.
15 Exotic physics laboratory, may include teleporters, portals, shrink rays, digitizers or hypercubes.
16 Lecture hall.
17 Microscope room.
18 Data banks, with terminals.
19 Roll on, and switch to, the Command Centre table.
20 Roll on, and switch to, the Refinery table.
A techbase laboratory.

General Rooms[edit]

If the chamber purpose rolled doesn't quite fit, or if you feel like it, roll on this table instead.

d20 Purpose
1-2 Maintenance room with access to ducts, fuses and pipes.
3-4 Seating area with coffee machine and soothing moving images on the walls.
5-6 Toilet.
7 Reception.
8 Storage room for cleaning supplies.
9-10 Computer room.
11 Kiosk for selling magazines, snacks, power cells.
12 Chapel.
13-14 Security checkpoint, with guard booth and scanner.
15 Locker room.
16 Hydroponic garden.
17-8 Office.
19 Technician's den, usually hidden behind pipes.
20 Observation room that overlooks an adjacent chamber.
A computer room in a tech base.

Dungeon Hazards[edit]

When you roll a dungeon hazard on the Dungeon Chamber Contents table (DMG p. 296), roll on the following table.

d20 Purpose
1-4 Busted steam pipe
5-7 Faulty electrics
8-9 Anomalous gravity
10-12 Toxic spill
13-15 Irradiated zone
16 Vacuum
17-18 Overzealous security
19-20 Defective lasers
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