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Lexicon of the Evolving Mind

The lexicon of the Evolving Mind is the first and largest lexicon a Truenamer learns from. It details the use of Truenames with multiple functions and focuses on creatures. Other Utterances can be found in the Crafted Tool and Perfected Map Lexicons.

Make a spell check to determine if you pronounced your Utterance correctly using the target's Intelligence score as the DC. If you fail this check, your Utterance also fails.

If you know the target's Personal Truename, you may apply it's power to any Utterance you know. Make a spell check to determine if you pronounced it correctly using the target's Intelligence score +5 as the DC. If successful, you may choose to Empower (50% extra numerical values), Reach (double range), Extend (double duration) or Focus (disadvantage on saving throw). Your chosen effect applies to the Utterance.

For Utterances that require a Saving throw, the DC is your spellcasting DC (8 + Proficiency + INT).

Utterances must obey all Laws of the Universe.

Level 1

Defensive Edge Grant +1 or -1 AC.
Inertia Surge Grant freedom from restricting effects, or reduce movement to 0.
Universal Aptitude Grant +5 or -5 to skill checks for 5 rounds.
Knights's Puissance Ally gains +2 on attack rolls, or enemy gains -2 on attack rolls.
Word of Nurturing, Minor Give 1hp/round for 5, or deal 1d6/round for 2

Level 2

Archer's Eye Ignore concealment with ranged attacks, or block projectiles.
Hidden Truth Grant +10 to knowledges or +10 to Deception.
Perceive the Unseen Grant Truesight 15 feet or grant stealth.
Silent Caster Grant Subtle Spell or Silence creature
Speed of the Zephyr Increase speed by 20 or reduce speed by 10
Strike of Might +10 or -5 Weapon Damage.
Temporal Twist Grant extra action or daze.
Word of Nurturing, Lesser Give 3hp/round for 5, or deal 2d6/round for 2

Level 3

Accelerated Attack Movement speed increases on a successful hit and gains retaliation.
Energy Negation Grant resistance to energy or deal energy damage
Incarnation of Angels Grant the celestial or fiendish template.
Seek the Sky Grant flight or clip wings.
Speed of the Zephyr, Greater Grant haste or slow
Temporal Spiral Grant additional movement or daze for 3 rounds
Vision Sharpened See invisibility or become invisible
Word of Nurturing, Moderate Give 5hp/round for 5 or deal 4d6/round for 2

Level 4

Breath of Cleansing Grant second save or become nauseated
Caster Lens Increase next spell slot or remove enemy's highest spell slot
Confounding Resistance Protection from partial damage or remove evasion
Magic Contraction Grant spell resist or empower spell
Morale Boost Remove feat or frighten enemy
Spell Rebirth Restore spell or dismiss spell
Word of Bolstering Cure or cause 1d6 ability damage
Word of Nurturing, Potent Give 10hp/round for 5 or deal 6d6/round for 2

Level 5

Eldritch Attraction Move creature 40 feet closer or farther
Energy Negation, Greater Grant Immunity to energy or energy guardian
Essence of Lifespark Remove or grant a negative level.
Preternatural Clarity +5 to attacks, saves and checks or confuse enemy.
Seek the Sky, Greater Grant 120 fly speed or remove flight and cause damage.
Sensory Focus Grant blindsight or blind and deafen.
Ward of Peace Can not be attacked or banished to another dimension.
Word of Nurturing, Critical Give 15hp/round for 5 or deal 8d6/round for 2

Level 6

Breath of Recovery Remove conditions or paralyze
Ether Reforged Grant ethereal defense or become ethereal
Knight's Puissance, Greater Grant +5 or -5 to attack and damage rolls.
Mystic Rampart +5 DR and saves or -5 AC and saves
Singular Mind Free from enchantments, curses and possession or dominate
Word of Nurturing, Greater Give 20hp/round for 5 or 10d6/round for 2 rounds
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