Energy Negation, Greater (5e Utterance)

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Energy Negation, Greater[edit]

Lexicon Evolving Mind 5
Speak Action
Range 60 feet
Duration Equal to your Charisma modifier

When Spoken Normally
Your target gains immunity to one type of energy, from which you can choose: acid, cold, fire or lightning.

Your utterance renders your target impervious to harm from one type of energy.

When Spoken In Reverse
You wreath your target in either acid, cold, fire or lightning energy. Any creature that hits them with a melee attack or comes into contact with them takes 20 points of energy damage and is thrown back 5 feet. If the attacker cannot be thrown back they are stunned for 1 round.

You wreathe your ally in energy that lashes out at those who strike them in battle.

Saving Throw

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