Seek the Sky (5e Utterance)

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Seek the Sky[edit]

Lexicon Evolving Mind 3
Speak Action
Range 60 feet
Duration Equal to your Charisma bonus in rounds

When Spoken Normally
Your target gains a fly speed of 60 feet, or 40 if they wear medium or heavy armor. If they can already fly, they gain 30 more fly speed. They leave a trail of crackling red bolts in their wake while moving through the air.

Gravity no longer applies. Your words craft ribbons of red energy which wraps around the legs of your ally, granting them an ability to fly.

When Spoken In Reverse
You create a swirling vaccum of air around your target. No matter how much your target flaps its wings or strains upward, they cannot fly. If they are in the air, they descend at 60 feet per turn.

Your words create a void of air before your target, stripping their ability to fly. They rapidly fall to the earth with no air able to catch under their wings.

Saving Throw

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