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B-29 Superfortress[edit]

Cost: 30,000 caps
Weight: 120,000 lbs.
Speed: Fly 3,570 feet (357 mph); maximum altitude of 10,000 ft; accelerate 90 feet (9 mph) per round; ascend/descend 10 feet per round.
Carrying Capacity: 133,500 lb lbs.

Originally created in WWII, the B-29 Superfortress is among the earliest and easiest vehicles to be restored after the Great War due to its relatively low technological level. It can be used to drop various explosive munitions. It has an internal nuclear engine capable of fueling it for decades of sustained flight.

A repaired B-29.

Size. Gargantuan
AC. 15 All
Hit Points. 300
Damage Threshold 10
Crew and Passengers. 1 driver; 48 passengers.

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