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Avians are bird-like humanoids who dwell in the high peaks of Jacinth and Aergaela. They sometimes trade with the other races of Albion. They are known to live to up to 500 years old.


Avians are lofty and proud, and many view them as anti-social. However, avians are very accepting of any who they deem as worthy, and who can earn their respect. Avians are also brilliant tacticians, with a keen insight and wit that few others can match.

Physical Description[edit]

Avians combine the features of human and bird, looking like a human with a bird-like head, talon-like feet, and a wingspan equal to twice their height. They come in a variety of colors, although most are white, brown, and black. Some avians are known to dye their wings in exotic colors. Their heads remain very birdlike, often with a sharp beak, piercing eyes, and tufts of feathers that are groomed into different styles. Their feathers cover most of their bodies. Though their feet resemble the tough claws of most birds of prey, their hands retain a more humanoid shape, but with talon-like fingers. Avians stand as tall as humans but weigh only around 100 lb.


Avians get along best with zephyrs, aeth, and humans, but also will associate with many other races. They hate drakes and nagas, and therefore sometimes are allied with elves.


Avians are usually good.


Avians dwell in the mountains of Jacinth and Aergaela.


Avians are widely known to worship Garun, the great winged god of the sky, though other religions are practiced.


Avians speak Aerial, their native tongue, in addition to Common. They often learn Albionian, Jacinthian, and Zephyrian as well.

Racial Traits[edit]

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