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The Aeth are a race of otherworldly spirit-folk who seem to have little interest in the physical world. Instead, they focus on the mystical world of the arcane arts, with most aeth following a wizardly or sorcerous career.


Aeth are distant and unemotional, rarely affected by anything the physical world has to offer, unless it pertains to the magical arts. They only get exited from learning a new spell, and only seem to adventure or anything of that nature for the gaining of arcane knowledge or items.

Physical Description[edit]

Aeth stand around the same height as humans, and weigh a bit less. They have light skin and white, gray, or black hair, with eyes that are always either pure black with no white or pure white with no iris or pupil. They have only four fingers.


Aeth are uncaring of all other races, although they dislike titans and cambions, and have some respect for amaranthines.


Most Aeth are neutral, with aeth wizards usually lawful and aeth sorcerers usually chaotic.


Aeth dwell in inaccessible places, with many of their settlements being magical in nature, such as their floating cities and underwater bubble cities.


Aeth have no known religion, and aeth clerics are few and far between.


Aeth speak Aethirian, their native tongue. Most also speak Albionian as well, along with other languages.

Racial Traits[edit]

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