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The amaranthines are a race that are immortal. They are perhaps the oldest race in Albion, though many claim they are from an extradimensional realm.


Amaranthines are slow to laugh, slow to anger, slow to... do just about anything. With thousands, perhaps even millions of years on their hands, what's the hurry?

Physical Description[edit]

Amaranthines stand over six feet in height, and weigh about 200 lb, with males being taller and heavier then females. They have pale skin, and their hair ranges through a variety of colors, although red and brown are the predominant tones. Their eyes are usually blue, purple, yellow, gold, or silver.


Amaranthines are detached from most races due to their long lifespan, but they view all other races as equal (to each other, not to the amaranthines themselves).


Most amaranthines are neutral, since they care little for the quibbles of good and evil.


Amaranthines dwell in high towers upon the plains of Albion proper.


Amaranthines have no deities, instead choosing to devote themselves to causes and philosophies. In the rare case they do worship a god, most amaranthines choose Harmon, Lord of Brilliance.


Amaranthines speak Arcana, as well as Albionian and Jacithian.

Racial Traits[edit]

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