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The nagas are a race of serpent people who are related to the dragons, and are mortal enemies of elves.


Nagas are cold and calculating, never hesitating to sacrifice an ally to get what they want. They are not cruel, however, they simply have few emotions, being cold-blooded.

Physical Description[edit]

Nagas are serpents from the waist down, and humanoid from the waist up. they resemble yuan-ti abominations, however, they are far fairer and pleasing to the eye. They are covered with a layer of scales, which range from light to dark green. Their eyes are yellow, and they have claws on each finger.


Nagas are disliked by most races, but elves especially hate them, and the naga hate the elves equally. The only races accepting of naga are drakes, cambions, golems, and fallen.


Most naga are evil, with a tendency towards law.


Nagas live only in southern Albion and southern Aergaela.


Naga often worship dragons or other draconic creatures as deities, though they also have their own goddess, Kadru, the mother of snakes.


The nagas speak their own language, Naga. They often learn Albionian, Jacinthian, and Elven as well.

Racial Traits[edit]

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