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Drakes are a brutal race of humanoid dragons, who the humans and trolls sometimes capture and ride.


Drakes are brutish, sadistic, and dull-witted. They are not capable of well-formulated plans, and generally just leap into situations without thinking.

Physical Description[edit]

Drakes stand well over 10 feet tall, and weigh over 850 lb. Females are heavier then males, although slightly shorter. Drakes are covered with iridescent scales, and have small horns, sharp fangs and claws, magnificent wings, and long tails. They look like humanoid dragons.


The only race hat drakes respect are nagas. They hate all other races, especially elves, with a passion.


Most drakes are chaotic, and they tend overwhelmingly towards evil.


Drakes soar in the sky of Aergaela and Utgard, although small colonies are sometimes found in Albion Proper or Jacinth.


Most drakes worship their True Dragon forefathers as living gods.


Drakes speak Draconic and Aergaelan.

Racial Traits[edit]

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