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The fallen were once proud race of angel warriors, but they betrayed their brethren, and for that were cast to Earth in shame. They retain their steel gray, useless wings as a constant reminder of that shame.


Fallen are quiet and bitter. Their memories are long, and they are still angry over being cast out of the heavens, although that was many centuries ago. This gives them an aura of seething rage. Despite this, they are still personable and likable.

Physical Description[edit]

Fallen stand over six feet in height, and weigh about 250 lb, with females being slightly taller and heavier then males. Their skin and hair are usually dark colored, while their eyes blaze brilliant gold or silver. The other distinctive trait about fallen is their iron-gray wings, which are dead and useless.


Fallen dislike most other races, although they can tolerate changelings, Nagas , humans, and golems.


Most fallen are neutral, with a tendency towards evil. Some, however, are trying to redeem themselves, and are good aligned.


Fallen have no lands of their own, and are nomads.


Because of their demoted angel status, most fallen despise even the very concept of religion.


Fallen speak Albionian and Arcana, and most learn other languages, such as Jacinthian or Utish, as well.

Racial Traits[edit]

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