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Trade Goods

Use this table to supplement the trade goods in the Player's Handbook (p. 157).

Cost Food and Spices Materials Livestock
1 cp 1 lb. of rice One ashlar block[1]
2 cp Two dozen eggs
1 lb. of dried fruit
1 lb. root vegetables[2]
1 lb. of fungi
1 lb. of coal
5 cp 1 lb. of cheese
One salted herring
One goose
1 sp 1 lb. of beef or mutton
1 lb. of raw or fried beans
1 lb. of zinc
2 sp 1 gallon of milk 1 lb. of wool
1 lb. of tallow
1 lb. of lead
3 sp 1 pint molasses One fleece of wool (1,5 lb.)
5 sp 1 lb. of butter
1 salmon
1 gallon of cream
1 pint of maple syrup
1 lb. of wax
1 lb. of pewter
1 gp 1 lb. of alum
1 lb. of garlic
1 pint of honey
1 lb. of maple sugar
1 lb. of cotton
1 lb. of ivory
1 lb. of tin
2 gp 1 lb. of camphor
1 lb. of nutmeg
1 lb. of sugar
1 lb. of tea
1 lb. of bronze
1 lb. of brass
1 lb. of steel
3 gp One barrel[3] of poor-quality ale
1 lb. of frankincense
1 lb. of mustard
5 gp One barrel of medium-quality ale
One quarter[4] of grain
8 gp One barrel of good-quality ale
1 lb. of ginseng
1 lb. of myrrh
10 gp One barrel of salmon (cleaned and salted)
One barrel of pork (salted)
15 gp One barrel of cheap wine
20 gp One barrel of beef (salted, aka "corned") 1 lb. of electrum
50 gp One barrel of fine wine One sack of wool (170 fleeces)
200 gp One slave, maid
500 gp
  1. A dressed and faced masonry stone
  2. Potatoes, carrots, turnips etc.
  3. 60 gallons
  4. Eight bushels, enough to make bread and porridge for one person for one year
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