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Cost: Varies

The cost of a funeral service varies depending on the lifestyle that was maintained by the deceased. Any level of service can be arranged by the deceased's family or estate. However, diverging from what is appropriate will negatively affect the social standing of the family or estate. Charitable individuals or groups may pay for a Poor funeral to those who cannot afford it.

The values below includes the costs for the interment, clergy, food, and rituals (such as bell-ringing, lighting candles or other religious rites). These examples indicate what kind of funerary container the body is placed in, but some cultures and races will favor cremation or cannibalism.

In some religions, burial and ritual must be fulfilled in order for a person's soul to pass on to the afterlife (else wander some undesirable outer plane). Criminals and heretics may not be allowed this service at all.

  • Wretched. 0 gp. Thrown in an unmarked grave or mass grave, with the bare minimum of ritual if they are lucky.
  • Squalid. 7 sp. Wrapped and buried in a burial field, often unmarked.
  • Poor. 1 gp 4 sp. Interment in casket placed in a common graveyard with a simple tombstone.
  • Modest. 70 gp. Interment in coffin placed in graveyard, public crypt or simple tumulus. A decent meal and a wake may be held.
  • Comfortable. 140 gp. Interment in sarcophagus placed in a family tumulus, mausoleum, burial vault or crypt, with burial goods.
  • Wealthy. 280 gp. As above, with a grand feast; commemorative works of art may be established.
  • Aristocratic. 700 gp minimum. Interment in a gilded tomb (with effigy if enough is spent) placed in a dedicated chapel or burial structure, with burial goods; lavish feasts; professional mourners lamenting, keening or delivering eulogies; ritual services held over several days.

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