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Cost: 20 gp or more

You can hire an artist to paint your portrait. It takes 1d6 sittings (taking one or more hours) for the artist to paint the preliminary image, and then 2d6 months to present the finished portrait. You pick one of four styles. The cost then varies depending on the quality, medium, size and frame. The following can also be used to create random portraits by rolling 1d4 in each category.


  1. Idealization, emphasizing status
  2. Flattering representation
  3. Propaganda, emphasizing a political message
  4. Natural, realistic


  1. egg tempera on wood (5 gp)
  2. oil on canvas (15 gp)
  3. cameo on glass, shell or stone (25 gp)
  4. exotic (cameo on gemstone; slaad ink on xorn hide) (50 gp)


  1. wooden (1 gp)
  2. iron (5 gp)
  3. gilded (10 gp)
  4. solid gold (50 gp)


  1. mediocre (5 gp)
  2. journeyman (10 gp)
  3. adept (35 gp)
  4. masterwork (200 gp)


  1. miniature (20 gp)
  2. small, 1 1/2 by 1 feet (×1 cost)
  3. medium, 3 by 2 feet (×2 cost)
  4. life-size, 6 by 4 feet (×4 cost)

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