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As all playable characters in Warrior Cat is a cat. While there is multiples races of cats, they can interbreed with each other to create hybrids and mixed. Ask GM to play Homebrew races that are cat-like. Certain race and subraces may not be allowed depending on the time period and setting of the game.

Cat Size Table
Size Height
Tiny 3 - 4 inches
Small 5 - 7 inches
Medium 8 - 11 inches
Large 12 - 18 inches

Cats can come in many sizes and shapes. As seen above, cats fall into four size ranges: tiny, small, medium, and large. Tiny sized cats are unheard of. They are extremely rare.


Clan Cat are normal wild house cats. They are formed into six separate clan. In order for a group of cats to be called a clan, they have to have similar culture. They believe in Starclan (heaven) and Dark forest (hell). Clan cats follow the Warrior's code. They set clear borders. Clan cats share the shame naming convention.


Tribe Cat are clan like group of cats that live in the mountain.

Ancient Cat are the cats from ancient times.

Not in Groups[edit]

Kittypet Cat are fat cats that live with twolegs (humanoid).

Loner Cat are wild cats that live by themselves or in dangerous groups.

Phaedo Clan Cats[edit]

Bloodclan Cat are bloodthirsty group of rogues that is clan in name only. They are known for being ruthless and wearing dog tags.

Kin Cat are a cunning group of rogues that are willing to lie themselves to victory.

Eclipseclan Cat a group of rogues inspired by clan cats. They sacrifice everything for a bit of magic.


Sister Cat are large cats with a long fur. They have the ability to see spirits.

Guardian Cat are group of cats that accepts everyone and great healers.

Old Version[edit]

Generic Cat this is the old version of the races. There was a time in the wiki where there was only one race and everyone has their own subrace in it. It is here for people who want to use the old version.

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