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Skill Synergy[edit]

Table: Skill Synergies
5 or more ranks in ... gives a +2 bonus on ...
Animal Empathy Handle Animal checks with animals. A character must have 9 or more ranks of Animal Empathy to get the same +2 synergy bonus on Handle Animal checks with beasts
Autohypnosis Knowledge (psionics) checks
Bluff Diplomacy checks
Bluff Disguise checks when the character knows that the character is being observed and the character tries to act in character
Bluff Innuendo check to transmit (but not receive) a message
Bluff Intimidate checks
Bluff Pick Pockets checks
Decipher Script Use Magic Device related to scrolls
Escape Artist Use Rope checks to bind someone
Handle Animal Ride checks
Intuit Direction Wilderness Lore checks to avoid getting lost
Jump Tumble checks
Profession (herbalist) Heal checks
Psicraft Use Psionic Device checks related to power stones
Sense Motive Diplomacy checks
Sense Motive Innuendo check to receive or intercept (but not transmit) a message
Spellcraft Use Magic Device related to scrolls
Tumble Balance checks
Tumble Jump checks
Use Magic Device Spellcraft checks to decipher decipher spells on scrolls
Use Psionic Device Psicraft checks to decipher powers encoded in power stones
Use Rope Climb checks to climb a rope, a knotted rope, or a rope and wall combination
Use Rope Escape Artist checks when escaping from rope bonds

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