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Sleight of Hand (Dex; Trained Only; Armor Check Penalty)


A check against DC 10 lets the character palm a coin-sized, unattended object. Minor feats of legerdemain, such as making a coin disappear, are also DC 10 unless an observer is determined to note where the item went.

When performing this skill under close observation, the character's skill check is opposed by the observer's Spot check. The observer's check doesn't prevent the character from performing the action, just from doing it unnoticed.

If the character tries to take something from another creature, the character must make a skill check against DC 20. The opponent makes a Spot check to detect the attempt. The opponent detects the attempt if her check result beats the character's check result, regardless of whether the character got the item.

DC Task
10 Palm a coin-sized object, make a coin disappear
20 Lift a small object from a person

A second Pick Pocket attempt against the same target, or when being watched by the same observer, has a DC +10 higher than the first skill check if the first check failed or if the attempt was noticed.


If the character has 5 or more ranks in Bluff, the character gets a +2 synergy bonus on Pick Pocket checks.

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