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Use Rope (Dex)


Most tasks with a rope are relatively simple.

DC Task
10 Tie a firm knot
15 Tie a special knot, such as one that slips, slides slowly, or loosens with a tug
15 Tie a rope around oneself one-handed
15 Splice two ropes together (takes 5 minutes)

When the character binds another character with a rope, any Escape Artist check that the bound character makes is opposed by the character's Use Rope check. The character gets a special +10 bonus on the check because it is easier to bind someone than to escape from being tied up.

The character doesn't make the character's Use Rope check until someone tries to escape.


A silk rope gives a +2 circumstance bonus on Use Rope checks. If the character casts an animate rope spell on a rope, the character gets a +2 circumstance bonus to any Use Rope checks the character makes when using the rope. These bonuses stack.

If the character has 5 or more ranks in Escape Artist, the character gets a +2 synergy bonus on checks to bind someone.

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