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Autohypnosis (Wis; Trained Only; Psion, Psychic Warrior Only)[edit]


The DC and effect depend on the task attempted.

Task DC
Resist fear 15
Memorize 13
Ignore caltrop wound 13
Tolerate poison Poison's DC
Willpower 15
Resist Fear[edit]

In response to a fear effect, the character can make an Autohypnosis check on his or her next round even if overcome by fear. A successful check grants another saving throw with a +4 morale bonus to resist the fear effect.


The character can attempt to memorize a long string of numbers, a long passage of verse, or other particularly difficult piece of information (but can’t memorize magical spells or similarly exotic scripts). Each successful check allows the character to memorize up to 800 words (or strange sigils or numbers that would fill one piece of regular parchment, though multiple checks allow the character to remember multiples of 800). A character always retain this information; however, he or she can only recall it with another successful Autohypnosis check.

Ignore Caltrop Wound[edit]

If the character is wounded by stepping on a caltrop, his or her speed is reduced to one-half of normal. A successful Autohypnosis check removes this movement penalty for a period of 10 minutes. The wound doesn’t go away—it is just ignored through self-persuasion.

Tolerate Poison[edit]

In response to being poisoned, the character can make an Autohypnosis check on his or her next action. A successful check grants a +4 morale bonus on the saving throw to resist the poison’s secondary damage.


If reduced to 0 hit points (staggered), the character may make an Autohypnosis check. If successful, he or she can take a normal action while at 0 hit points without taking 1 point of damage. The character must make a check for each strenuous action taken. A failed willpower check carries no penalties other than failure—the character can choose not to take that strenuous action. If the character does so anyway, he or she drops to –1 hit points.


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