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When a character takes damage from an attack with a poisoned weapon, touches an item smeared with contact poison, consumes poisoned food or drink, or is otherwise poisoned, he must make a Fortitude saving throw. If he fails, he suffers the poison's initial damage (usually ability damage). Even if he succeeds, he typically faces more damage 1 minute later, which he can also avoid with a successful Fortitude saving throw.

One dose of poison smeared on a weapon or some other object affects just a single target. A poisoned weapon or object retains its venom until the weapon scores a hit or the object is touched (unless the poison is wiped off before a target comes in contact with it). Any poison smeared on an object or exposed to the elements in any way-if the vial containing it is left unstoppered, for instance-remains potent until it is touched or used.

Although supernatural and spell-like poisons are possible, poisonous effects are almost always extraordinary.

Table: Poisons[edit]
Poison Type Initial Damage Secondary Damage Price
Small centipede poison Injury DC 11 1d2 Dex 1d2 Dex 90 gp
Greenblood oil Injury DC 13 1 Con 1d2 Con 100 gp
Medium-size spider venom Injury DC 14 1d4 Str 1d4 Str 150 gp
Bloodroot Injury DC 12 0 1d4 Con + 1d3 Wis 100 gp
Purple worm poison Injury DC 24 1d6 Str 2d6 Str 700 gp
Large scorpion venom Injury DC 18 1d6 Str 1d6 Str 200 gp
Wyvern poison Injury DC 17 2d6 Con 2d6 Con 3,000 gp
Blue whinnis Injury DC 14 1 Con Unconsciousness 120 gp
Giant wasp poison Injury DC 18 1d6 Dex 1d6 Dex 210 gp
Shadow essence Injury DC 17 1 Str* 2d6 Str 250 gp
Black adder venom Injury DC 11 1d6 Con 1d6 Con 120 gp
Deathblade Injury DC 20 1d6 Con 2d6 Con 1,800 gp
Malyss root paste Contact DC 16 1 Dex 2d4 Dex 500 gp
Nitharit Contact DC 13 0 3d6 Con 650 gp
Dragon bile Contact DC 26 3d6 Str 0 1,500 gp
Sassone leaf residue Contact DC 16 2d12 hp 1d6 Con 300 gp
Terinav root Contact DC 16 1d6 Dex 2d6 Dex 750 gp
Carrion crawler brain juice Contact DC 13 Paralysis 0 200 gp
Black lotus extract Contact DC 20 3d6 Con 3d6 Con 4,500 gp
Oil of taggit Ingested DC 15 0 Unconscious 90 gp
Id moss Ingested DC 14 1d4 Int 2d6 Int 125 gp
Striped toadstool Ingested DC 11 1 Wis 2d6 Wis + 1d4 Int 180 gp
Arsenic Ingested DC 13 1 Con 1d8 Con 120 gp
Lich dust Ingested DC 17 2d6 Str 1d6 Str 250 gp
Dark reaver powder Ingested DC 18 2d6 Con 1d6 Con + 1d6 Str 300 gp
Ungol dust Inhaled DC 15 1 Cha 1d6 Cha + 1 Cha* 1,000 gp
Burnt othur fumes Inhaled DC 18 1 Con* 3d6 Con 2,100 gp
Insanity mist Inhaled DC 15 1d4 Wis 2d6 Wis 1,500 gp

The poison's method of delivery-ingested, inhaled, via an injury, or contact-and the DC needed to save.

Initial Damage[edit]

The damage the character takes immediately upon failing his saving throw against this type of poison. Ability score damage is temporary unless marked with an asterisk (*), in which case the loss is a permanent drain. Paralysis lasts for 2d6 minutes.

Secondary Damage[edit]

The amount of damage the character takes 1 minute after exposure as a result of the poisoning, if he fails a second saving throw. Unconsciousness lasts for 1d3 hours. Loss marked with an asterisk is permanent drain instead of temporary damage.


The cost of one dose (one vial) of the poison. It is not possible to use or apply poison in any quantity smaller than one dose.

Perils of Using Poison[edit]

A character has a 5% chance to expose himself to a poison whenever he applies it to a weapon or otherwise readies it for use. Additionally, a character who rolls a 1 on an attack roll with a poisoned weapon must make a Reflex saving throw (DC 15) or accidentally poison himself with the weapon.

Poison Immunities[edit]

Creatures with natural poison attacks are immune to their own poison. Nonliving creatures and creatures without metabolisms are always immune to poison. Oozes, plants, and certain kinds of outsiders are also immune to poison, although conceivably special poisons could be concocted specifically to harm them.

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