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3.5e General
  • Find feats, spells, items that grant a luck bonus and add to Category:Luck (possibly repeat for other types of bonus)
3.5e Alternate Class Features
  • Sub-pages need to use DPL.
3.5e Campaign Settings
  • Rate unrated campaigns.
3.5e Complex Special Ability Components
3.5e Creatures
3.5e Equipment
3.5e Feats
3.5e Fighter Feats
  • Subcategories need turning into DPLs
3.5e NPCs
  • NPCs by CR for CR 6+ to use "3.5e NPC by CR" template (CRs 1 to 10 done)
3.5e Other
  • Check each entry. Pages that are suitable for any edition to be categorized with just "DnD" and page name changed appropriately
3.5e Prestige Classes
3.5e Races
  • Apply some much needed cosmetic and uniform layout changes to the races.
  • Create creature entries for races that don't already have one.
  • Make sure the page titles are in plural form (e.g. "Ogrillorcs" instead of "Ogrillorc")
  • Check the dpl's for consistent information.
  • Fix races in LA Unknown Races, mostly just missing info in the x0 template.
3.5e Spells
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